Be Brave and Have Fun During Your Period Days With Whisper

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Embrace #TheNewBrave with a brand that supports your every move

Our period days are times of uneasiness among us women. We usually shy away from our sprightly selves and avoid activities that involve a lot of physical movement for fear of leaks and feelings of discomfort, even if these could help us alleviate menstrual cramps. We grow more timid and tamed compared to how brave we are the rest of the month, and it affects our temperament. But with the right support, we can be as physically liberated and active as ever to fight cramps, move without inhibitions, and just enjoy ourselves. We’ve challenged the dynamic duo of Vern and Verniece Enciso to show how Whisper can keep us safe from leaks and help us feel comfortable while doing fun physical activities. Watch here:


Whisper has 3x better protection* to protect us from leaks and withstand movements, while the Cottony Soft variant is infused with dermacare lotion which helps reduce skin allergy, moisturize skin, improve the skin barrier, and reduce friction. With these, we can have worry-free fun during our period days, and do our part to embrace #TheNewBrave.

*Whisper Clean and Dry vs Leading Low-Priced Brand, based on 3rd-party gush runoff test