Want Flawless, Bare-Faced Beauty? Here’s The Real Skin Genius That Can Give You Just That

Putting ourselves first in the middle of the pandemic is an absolute must. And with Belo’s most advanced skin rejuvenation treatment—Skin Genius, taking care of ourselves has never felt this low maintenance. 

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Even when we spend most our time in our own homes, looking and feeling beautiful is both a need and a want. By simply glancing at yourself in the mirror or taking a selfie, you want to be at your best self. I mean, who doesn’t? This is where the newest campaign of Belo Medical Group comes in. Where positivity and optimism takes the lead, we can wave hello to brighter days ahead with their highly-advanced Skin Genius treatment.

Skin Genius Belo

From the multi-hyphenate Isabelle Daza’s bare-faced glow, she is definitely a living testament to how Skin Genius transforms our skin. “I’m definitely wearing less makeup after the treatment,” shares Belle. “My skin immediately tightened and brightened and I feel like I have more defined jawline but very subtle.” Looking at Skin Genius’ promising and visible results, Belle’s friends were quick to try the treatment, too. But what is Skin Genius really? Skin Genius is the most advanced micro-needling and skin rejuvenation technology which helps improve skin texture while tightening and lifting the skin. With the combined power of radio-frequency (RF) energy and insulated micro-needling, in as short as 40 mins, you can achieve a tighter and smoother skin.

Skin Genius Belo

And, it does not only end with the RF energy delivered by Thermage FLX, the Skin Genius replenishes our collagen and elastin that our skin slowly lose as we age. “The machine applies just the right amount of RF that produces heat needed for each square inch of the skin. It adjusts depending on the thickness of your skin,” shares Dr. Vicki Belo. “You can’t deliver the same energy on your upper cheeks as you do on your jawline.” However, don’t get easily intimidated with redness, which can occur after the treatment. These are part of the process and it will heal in no time.

Showing off her post-Skin Genius treatment, Iza Calzado was amazed with how instant and visible the results were. Some of our favorite celebrities and influencers such as Derek Ramsay, Camille Co, Jinkee Pacquiao, Georgina Wilson, Morisette Amon, Lovi Poe, and David Guison are also fans of this treatment after it did wonders to their skin.

While the current situation counts as a demand for beauty treatments, Dr. Belo would like to call the phenomenon as “skin hunger.” And as we couldn’t keep longing for the beauty that our skin deserves, Belo and Skin Genius are here for everyone to feel more confident with prepossessing features.

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