Bag For A Cause: Here’s How You Can Give Back With Carolina Herrera

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Luxury fashion label ingrained with values, Carolina Herrera gives the community a voice in favor of those most in need through its bags and accessories. 

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A charitable initiative to celebrate togetherness and hope, Carolina Herrera Heart for Hope is responding to the current global pandemic by giving back to the community. Bringing passion into every stitch and scent, thought and care into every leather, their bags and accessories are filled with meaningful stories. 

This is an opportunity finding its way to you in the form of a collaboration. Until December 31st this year, Carolina Herrera Heart for Hope allots 10% of sales from all handbags, leather goods, and other accessories both in-store and online as a donation to the Red Cross and Red Crescent COVID-19 relief organizations globally. While this may seem a small gesture to others, it is indeed an effective execution that’ll go a long way.  

Carolina herrera

Even until today, Carolina Herrera adheres to the ideals of elegance and luxury conveyed through optimism and alegría de vivir (translated as joy of living). Previously, the brand has collaborated with different initiatives like Breast Cancer awareness, children’s welfare, and access to education. As the pandemic is a very urgent matter that calls for an immediate response, CH was quick to analyze the situation and created this new project that goes beyond a one-shot initiative. 

“It is a very ambitious plan, but we have been lucky to find the perfect partner to work with as there are few non-profits with the knowledge and experience of the Red Cross,” says Carolina A Herrera, daughter of Carolina Herrera. “We are proud to collaborate with their global teams on this initiative, and Carolina Herrera Heart for Hope is born with the desire to endure.” 

If you’re wondering why this initiative specifically revolves around handbags, their handbags never go out of style and these are closely linked to special moments and memories of dear times in a woman’s life. Representing as well the passion for its intricate craftsmanship, its leather atelier in Spain, one of the most magical landmarks of the brand, plays a significant role in this project. “It makes me truly happy to know that in the upcoming months, when someone decides to purchase a Carolina Herrera handbag, they acquire not only a beautiful and lasting object, but also one that represents the courage, empathy and generosity that we are experiencing as a community,” shares Carolina. 

Carolina herrera

As the brand’s Beauty Creative Director, she always considers it a brand’s mission to be aligned with the times. “Having a voice and a message about the present situation is important in fashion and beauty,” she shares. “We have a commitment to the here and now.” Securing her own eloquent involvement, Mrs. Herrera has been preaching togetherness through fashion over the past four decades. While fashion cannot be the most important thing right now, it can serve as a tool to view life from a different perspective. 

For people who have the privilege to enjoy simple things in life, Carolina Herrera hopes they see this as an obligation to give back as it is something that has always been present in their home. They always seek for ways to contribute and make a change in a relevant and coherent manner. 

Carolina Herrera is located at G/F, Greenbelt 5, Makati City. For more information, you can email [email protected] and call/text (02) 7728-7714 or (+63) 927 874 1463.