Awards Season Calls For A Season Of Musical Full-Length Features

Musical features have found its time and place with awards season. Last year’s awards season was a tight battle between ‘La La Land’ and ‘Moonlight’ for best picture. Of course, both films offered very different storylines and treatments from one another. ‘Moonlight’, a coming-of-age drama, is an emotional feature that focuses on the lead’s identity and becoming. ‘La La Land’, on the other hand, is an easy favorite for most people. It’s a spectacular visualization of the Hollywood dream. ‘La La Land’ fell short in winning against ‘Moonlight’, though the controversial announcement has got us reminiscent of that Ms. Universe moment. This year, we have yet another strong contender for Best Picture, and it is a musical.

Awards Season

‘A Star Is Born’ has been getting a lot of attention since its premiere earlier this month. Not only does it have a captivating soundtrack, but the movie also has a heart-wrenching story. The way the story has been delivered left a mark to those who watched it. Even the hardest of hearts fainted with its agonizing narrative. No wonder why Nina Dobrev took it to the next level having dressed as the movie being campaigned for Best Picture this year.

Awards Season

From Best Picture to Best Actor. Let’s just say Rami Malek nailed it. His performance as Freddie Mercury in the biopic ‘Bohemian Rhapsody’ has taken over the spotlight. Critics have taken his performance positively, most rooting for him to take home a the highest award an actor could get. And it couldn’t be any perfect. From the way he looks to the way he flicks his fingers, Rami Malek wasn’t at all present in the movie. Freddie Mercury lived.

Awards Season

Natalie Portman comes in just before the year ends. Premiered at the Toronto International Film Festival, ‘Vox Lux’ is another musical no one shouldn’t ever miss. Just by the way we see Natalie Portman on the trailer, we just know it might be her best performance yet. On the first second of the trailer, you could see she has yet again transformed to someone else. A best actress contender perhaps?

2018 blessed us with really good films. From high-grossing to moving flicks, we’ve seen a lot of “best” with just 11 months in. To incorporate music in a film could be a bit tricky though. More than just a score, it has got to be a part of the story. Will we ever see our favorite musical bring home the crown this time? Either way, all these movies beg for is the appreciation of its audience—one not even the cold-hearted can’t do.

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