Beautiful in My Size: Avon Provides Support to Filipinas of All Body Types

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Avon is on the right track with their inclusive line of intimate apparel

Each one of us looks up to a successful woman, whether she’s a doctor, a politician, a director, a mother. For years, those who came before us have successfully made their marks in different industries, which we all aspire to achieve one day. But in spite of all that, judgement from numerous people is still frequent. In some cases, our body sizes may even be the main subject of criticism instead of our work when we’re in that unfortunate situation overpowered by cultural norms. How our bodies look tends to be pointed out by different people we may or may not know, which could lead to being in agonizing embarrassment–but not anymore. Avon, Philippines’ number one Intimate Apparel brand, is telling everyone to #LetHerBe as they cover all the bases that make women so much more powerful beyond the numbers of a measuring tape.

Louella Underwire Lace Bra in Royal Blue

A giant leap for womankind

Nowadays, clothing brands are slowly catering to more and more people of different figures or body types. There’s still a long way to go, but every step is progress that promotes inclusivity. Avon is proudly marching towards that goal with their line of intimate apparel that has additional sizes, functionality, and range for us to choose from. This allows us to dress more freely and feel more confident in our own, unique bodies without having to think about what other people may say.

Rooting for size inclusivity all day, everyday

Julie Non-wire Moulded Bra in Black

Women who are more voluptuous than others fearlessly take center stage with Avon’s Julie Non-wire Moulded Bra in Black. This new bra provides shape and support for all breast types, and even extreme comfort as it’s made with polyester microfiber with cushion straps. Just like the Julie bra that ranges from sizes 38 to 42 inches, the Arwen Non-wire Breathable Bra in Old Rose is also a perfect partner that adds a little more spice to our intimates with its lacey and breathable design. It even has wider back and side panels to fully support curvier women.

Eleanor Underwire Lace Bra in Charcoal Grey

Avon gives our lace game an additional upgrade with the Eleanor Underwire Lace Bra in Charcoal Grey. Ranging from sizes 32 to 38 inches, this new set has jacquard lace on the cups, while the center, side, and back panel are made with shiny and stylish tricot fabric. Another piece that gives more lift with its underwire support is the striking and elegant Louella Underwire Lace Bra in Royal Blue that also goes from sizes 32 to 38 inches.

Cheeky teens are more than welcome to join in on the fun with the Cady Underwire Bra in Vibrant Blooms that make everyone in sizes 32 and 34 inches feel extra playful than ever. After the fun and games, all-around comfort awaits with the Ali Non-wire Soft Cup Bra in Dark Skintone that comes in sizes 32 to 36.

Stay loud, stay proud, and be part of the #LetHerBe movement as you walk with confidence in Avon’s intimate apparel. Find your sizes through the Bra Size Calculator on Avon’s website. If there is a specific size you are looking for that Avon doesn’t carry, feel free to reach out through their Metro Manila hotline (8 864 2900), nationwide hotline (1 800 1 888 2866), or via email at [email protected]