A Sentimental Move: Avignon Branches Out to Baguio City

A Sentimental Move: Avignon Branches Out to Baguio City

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Avignon traveled up north and made a new home at Baguio City, becoming the first smart aesthetic clinic in Camp John Hay

In 2021, society was slowly navigating their way back to old patterns. Precautions were done and being taken, but amidst the uncertainty, there was small comfort in knowing that the global situation was improving. And just like puzzle pieces falling into place, Avignon came at the right time when they opened their first aesthetics clinic back in December 2021. 

A rather daring move, it further proved the perseverance the team had despite the circumstances. It was their dedication to uphold the standards of their services, as well as providing the safety of both clients and employees that demonstrated their outstanding reputation in the world of dermatology in just three years. Now, Avignon holds two branches within Metro Manila, and a new branch just around the north. 

Avignon Clinic at Baguio City

Away from the busy and warm streets, Avignon found themselves making a home in Baguio City, where the cold breeze is met with the tall pine trees of the mountains. But Chris Cachuela, Founder and CEO of Avignon Clinic, considers the cold city as an escape to another country—making it more personal for the founder. He shared, “It feels like I’m in a different country when I’m in Baguio. But beyond business, I also see it as my second home because I used to frequent here with my mom.”

Avignon Clinic founder and CEO, Chris Cachuela, at Baguio City
Chris Cachuela, CEO and Founder of Avignon Clinic

Being away from the city, you can think of many activities that will help you unwind and relax—from going on a quick coffee run, having a stroll at Burnham Park, to now being able to book a well-deserved facial treatment at Avignon Clinic.

The Avignon Baguio branch located at the beloved tourist spot, Camp John Hay, will definitely catch one’s attention. It’s a quaint space yet striking as they mimic their usual mid-modern century exterior in the city with their bright white lights and gold accents on the wall—a contrast to the usual dark-lit ambience. The reason behind this? Cachuela shared that they want the client to feel fresh and invigorated after a relaxing treatment.  

Avignon Clinic at Baguio City

Speaking of treatments, what they have in Baguio isn’t too different from what they have in their Manila branches. A must-try is their signature Thermage FLX. Done non-invasively, this anti-aging facial will help reduce the appearance of fine lines and will improve the tightness of your skin.

Another non-invasive treatment you can go for is their Ulthera Ultimate Lift. It’s a client-favorite in Avignon because of the new collagen growth it gives to specific areas through their ultrasound technology—leaving you with a natural finish with no downtime.

For those who’re feeling adventurous, you’ve probably heard of the Vampire Facial back in 2013. 10 years later, the Avignon Swiss Vampire PRP Microneedling Facial is also being offered at their newest Baguio City branch. This specific facial cleans the blood by extracting it and placing it in a machine that separates the plasma from the red blood cells. Once the plasma is injected back in the skin, it increases the production of collagen, which will leave you with less fine lines and wrinkles.

Avignon Clinic at Baguio City

So to list things down for you, you’ve got a much needed vacation with the cold winds of Baguio City where you can also squeeze in some time to pamper yourself before going back to the usual grind. It gives the ideal combination of beauty and wellness as they aim to provide services that go beyond the physical—a goal to uplift one’s confidence is what they value the most.

To celebrate the opening of their newest branch, brand ambassadors Sam Milby and Ces Drilon made an appearance to show their support. Amidst the chatter and the drinks, the two expressed their gratitude towards the team behind Avignon for their mission to boost one’s confidence with their services. 

“Despite my age, Avignon chose me to be one of the faces of their clinic. I am grateful to be one of the people who can show that beauty and confidence is beyond age because I am beautiful in my own way.”

Ces Drilon
Avignon Clinic CEO and Founder Chris Cachuela, Avignon Clinic Brand Ambassadors Sam Milby and Ces Drillon, and Avignon Clinic President Benedict Sy
L to R: Avignon Clinic CEO and Founder Chris Cachuela, Avignon Clinic Brand Ambassadors Sam Milby and Ces Drillon, and Avignon Clinic President Benedict Sy

Avignon continues to showcase their outstanding reputation as they continue to expand in just three years in the game. Having a career in the dermatology industry for about 21 years, Cachuela also has an idea on how to further elevate his clinic and the industry. It was a plan that was only teased to us, but let’s just say that Avignon will soon make its way down to the south. 

Avignon continues their speedy growth in the industry as they venture further into the world of aesthetics with their inspiring goal and purpose in mind. Their plans to elevate the local aesthetics industry is a culmination of beauty, relaxation, and wellness—a direction that we’ll get to see more in the future.

“We started in Metro Manila and we are bringing it here in the north. Avignon will continue to grow first in the north, in the south—and who knows? Maybe beyond the seas.”

Chris Cachuela, CEO and Founder of Avignon Clinic

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