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Stay at Home and in Style with The Mooie Life

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In the age of lockdowns and quarantine periods, mastering self-care has never been more essential, and getting a good night’s sleep should be priority number one

We are all aware of how quintessential the activity of sleep is. To many, getting a full eight hour deep sleep is a sign of a balanced and healthy lifestyle. However, what many of us fail to miss, apart from finding the optimum sleep position and a general feel of bed and pillow comfort, is the importance of the clothes we wear whilst we snooze. A myriad of studies have proven that wearing stylish and comfy pajamas doesn’t just help us enjoy a more rejuvenating sleep; it also boosts our overall confidence and happiness levels. Luckily enough, one Filipino-Dutch brand in the name of The Mooie Life has recently launched their first line of Luxury Sleep Pajamas last May to much fanfare. Tagged as the ultra-stylish pajamas you can comfortably wear both during zoom calls and in bed, the up-and-coming trademark’s offerings are the perfect garments for most of us who stay at home all day. 

Balancing design and function

The Mooie Life’s very first collection was inspired by the innovative quirks of Dutch minimalistic designs, with its unique prints designed from the steady hand of local Filipino artists. These pajama sets are made from luxurious 22 Momme Mulberry, the highest quality silk available, and are available in a variety of calming shades such as white, black, and blue. Offering only the best-in-class in all aspects, donning a set of The Mooie Life’s pajamas will guarantee you a good night’s slumber in style, every time.

Hand-in-hand with prioritizing quality, The Mooie Life is also committed to employing only sustainable practices with the manufacture of their pajamas. Through the meticulous handpicking of optimum fabrics, the sourcing of strictly-local production methods, and the use of eco-friendly packaging made from reusable boxes and cassava parcels, The Mooie Life ensures its patrons of a product line that is fashionable, comfortable, and environment-friendly.


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The Mooie Life’s astute dedication to excellent quality has not gone unnoticed in the sphere of the internet. Celebrities and vloggers from the likes of Chie Filomeno, Marvs Fojas, and Isa Rodriguez have all been spotted wearing The Mooie Life pajamas since the brand’s launch; all of whom expressed their love for the garments.

While it is true that these gorgeous pajamas were made for sleepwear, who doesn’t want towear something that makes you feel both comfortable and confident at any time of the day?

Want to stay stylish while staying at home? Check out The Mooie Life at their official website, and make sure to follow them over at Instagram and Facebook for the latest updates.