Ariana Grande Releases “Friendship Anthem” ‘7 Rings’ Music Video

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Not long after the release of her moving-on anthem thank u, next, Ariana Grande is back with another song for the women of today. Female empowerment meets flaunting and flashing in 7 rings.

After much hype for the past week, we finally have Ari’s new song 7 rings. According to Ariana Grande herself, the song has a real story behind it. “It was a… challenging fall day in New York,” Grande tells in an interview with Billboard. “Me and my friends went to Tiffany’s together, just because we needed some retail therapy. You know how when you’re waiting at Tiffany’s they give you lots of champagne? They got us very tipsy, so we bought seven engagement rings, and when I got back to the studio I gave everybody a friendship ring.”

Ariana Grande 7 Rings Music Video | MEGA

The song that heavily samples My Favorite Things from ‘Sound of Music’—appropriate enough to show-off in the lyrics. The song starts with the following lines, “Yeah, breakfast at Tiffany’s and bottles of bubbles/Girls with tattoos who like getting in trouble/Lashes and diamonds, ATM machines/Buy myself all of my favorite things.” According to Ariana, the song is “just like a flex”—showing off something with zero humility. Though the singer adds that it’s also a “friendship anthem”.

While the song may be a part of Ariana Grande’s female empowerment saga (thank u, next being the first in the installment), it still holds a different meaning from her past few singles (Imagine included). We can still feel a “life after love” feel on this song but it emphasizes more on getting everything you want, including your friends’ support. According to the singer, the song is a representation of “how the homies WANT [you] to feel” after a challenging time—in her case, a broken engagement and an ex’s passing.

Ariana Grande 7 Rings Music Video | MEGA

Through the song, fans of Ariana can rest assured that the singer is in good hands. Check out Ariana Grande’s 7 Rings music video below:

Images from Ariana Grande – 7 Rings Music Video.