Live As It Happens: Anthony Ramirez at the MEGA Fashion Week 2018, Day 2

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The One Canvas Event Place is filled with vibrant colors as home-grown fashion designer Anthony Ramirez takes over the second day of the MEGA Fashion Week 2018.

Today, the Filipino designer to the stars will showcase a brand new holiday collection that gives an effortlessly elegant aura to his muses. Highlighting various rich colors of yellow, red, green, and fuschia, Anthony was able to create an exquisite set of gowns.

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The models are all set to walk down the runway wearing striking colors of eye makeup.

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The One Canvas Event Place is all set to welcome guests and friends who wish to enjoy the fabulous night. Live As It Happens: Anthony Ramirez at the Mega Fashion Week 2018, Day II

Notable guests such as JMA Jewelry Center Vice President Suzette Ayson, Blogger Claudia Viriña, and Hera Gereine attended the fashion show.

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Finally, Anthony Ramirez assured that every model is all set to flaunt the runway with their stunning gowns.

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Tomorrow will be Neric Beltran with his empowering celebrity collection.

Photos by Kieran Punay, Yukie Sarto, and Suzanne Allbabidi