Anthony Ramirez In Proving That He Is A Jack Of All Trades

The name Anthony Ramirez has everyone thinking of one thing: designer to the stars. His dramatic creations has immediately caught everyone’s attention. His pieces has paved his way up to the recognition he very much deserves. And so it wasn’t a surprise to find the most influential people in his clientele. Celebrities and politicians alike trust Anthony in creating pieces that perfectly suits each of their personalities.

ANTHONY RAMIREZ MEGA Fashion Week Holiday 2018 1 | MEGA

Ramirez continues to improve his techniques as his years in the industry pass by. His creations give a sensual hint with carefully structured cut-outs and drapings. The structured pieces not only adds a momentous flair to its muse but also gives off an effortlessly sophisticated vibe. Mastering these techniques has given him edge among young designers, allowing his atalier to grow day by day.

ANTHONY RAMIREZ MEGA Fashion Week Holiday 2018 2 | MEGA

It’s safe to say that Anthony only has the best collections to put out in the future. From evening wear and bridal gowns to ready-to-wear pieces—it seems as if there isn’t anything he can’t do. And as the holidays come close, he’s ready to give us brand new pieces. See the collection first tonight, October 2, at 8PM at the MEGA Fashion Week runway.

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