Anne Curtis And Vice Ganda Come Together In The Name Of Beauty -
Anne Curtis And Vice Ganda Come Together In The Name Of Beauty

Anne Curtis And Vice Ganda Come Together In The Name Of Beauty

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With the hype around Rihanna’s Fenty Beauty and Kylie Jenner’s Kylie Cosmetics, more and more celebrities are delving into the beauty business. Last year, two of the country’s brightest stars Anne Curtis and Vice Ganda joined the ever-growing list, after releasing their own beauty lines, BLK Cosmetics and Vice Cosmetics, respectively. In case you’re wondering, these aren’t just products that they slapped their names on (the lip products are too good that they can even be your next dupe on Kylie Jenner’s lip kits). Behind the inclusive shades and the no-fuss packaging lies a purpose: to redefine the beauty standard of today. Whether it means “beauty is for all” as told by Vice Ganda, or that “beauty doesn’t have to be complicated”, according to Anne Curtis, these celebrity beauty lines aren’t only here to make a woman look pretty. 

This January, Anne Curtis and Vice Ganda come together on MEGA’s first issue of the year. 

With new chapters and phases on their respective horizons, Anne Curtis (@annecurtissmith) and Vice Ganda (@praybeytbenjamin) join forces in an effort to redefine the beauty standard of today, as well as to reinforce the importance of holding on to dreams. Starting the year on promising grounds, we follow the two as they map out a year they intend to claim and own with pride. Art Direction JANN PASCUA. assisted by TANYA MALLILLIN. Text ANGELO RAMIREZ DE CARTAGENA Fashion Direction JEB FRONDA Styling CESSI TREÑAS assisted by STEFFI SOLANO. Beauty Direction TRINA EPILEPSIA BOUTAIN. Makeup ARCHIE VALENCIA (Vice Ganda) and ROBBIE PIÑERA (Anne Curtis) Hairstylist BUERN RODRIGUEZ (Vice Ganda) and RAYMOND SANTIAGO (Anne Curtis). Nail Care REJUVA NAILSPA AND SKINCARE (Vice Ganda) and POSH NAILS HAND AND FOOT SPA (Anne Curtis). Shoot Coordination JUSTINE NIDO. Shoot Assistant JAY ANNE AGUIRRE. Special thanks to KATE VALENZUELA, OLIVE ZARATE, JAN BARIUAD and AARON MANGSAT (Vice Ganda) and WARREN DIMEN and VIVA ARTISTS AGENCY INC. (Anne Curtis) #CelebrateMEGAwithAnneVice #AnneCurtis #ViceGanda

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