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JUST IN: Angelina Cruz Is A MEGAStyle Cover Girl! Here Is A Sneak Peek
By Mika Reyes
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Showbiz royalty, Angelina Cruz, is the newest MEGAStyle Cover Girl. Here’s a little sneak peek of what we have in store for her.

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Watch out for the wide-eyed beauty of the South, Angelina Cruz. If there’s one thing Angelina has proven to us in the past few years, it’s that she’s more than Sunshine Cruz’s daughter. She isn’t at 999,000 followers on Instagram because of her showbiz royalty status. She’s at the top of her game because she works hard for it. The 19-year-old, model, singer, activist, and brand endorser, has been making waves across the billboards of EDSA and the feeds of social media. Recently, she has released a couple new tracks to add to her growing discography. Among these songs is her hit, Crushing, which was released by Universal Records in November of last year. Now, we’re bringing you a different side to Angelina through her MEGAStyle Cover. Here’s a few hints on what you can expect at her most grown-up shoot yet.

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Hint #1: Meadows
The first thing you may think of when you hear the word meadows is Edward Cullen’s shining moment in Twilight. But, we’re here to tell you it’s not that. According to Merriam-Webster, a meadow is a piece of land that is covered or mostly covered with grass.

Hint #2: “The eyes, Chico. They never lie.” –Tony Montana
In the 1983 film Scarface, Al Pacino stars as Tony Montana. During a car ride back home, he tells Chico that the boss’s lady (Michelle Pfeiffer) is into him. Chico asks how he can tell and Al Pacino delivers the famous line. Angelina has always been real to her audience. There’s a big story behind her eyes.

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Hint #3: Twice
To lighten the suspense, we’ve added in a K-Pop hint. World renowned K-pop group, Twice, has a music video that is the same concept as our cover shoot with Angelina. This song in particular was a big hit in Korea and all over the world. You could have heard it in your local grocery story or through your K-pop loving friends.

Hint #4: Listen
Let’s ignite all five senses, shall we. Take a listen to the video above and take note how you feel. Despite the title of this track being Japanese summer, Angelina’s cover has nothing to do with Japan or summer in a holistic sense. Instead, it invokes the feeling of the sound.

Hint, cover, direction, crushing, sunshine cruz, diego loyzaga, singer, angelina cruz

Hint #5: The Zodiac
There was a fashion house’s couture collection this year that was inspired by occult teachings. Tarot cards and witchcraft has been in a long relationship with the study of the stars. For Angelina’s cover, we’ll be adding a few elements of astrology for the finishing touches.