Andrea Brillantes Showcases Her Different Sides in a Recent Birthday Shoot

Andrea Brillantes Showcases Her Different Sides in a Recent Birthday Shoot

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Andrea celebrates a new decade in her life by channeling the three ways people know her for—strong, stylish, and simply her

Growing up in the industry with cameras capturing her every move, Andrea has always carried a child star image in the eyes of many. To some, the perpetual perception of childhood takes them away from making sense of their adulthood in their own terms. 

Now that she is veering from her teenage years, the actress finally embraces her womanhood in a special birthday photoshoot with photographer BJ Pascual. Incorporating strong, stylish, and simply Blythe elements she is known for, here’s how Andrea embodied the new chapter of her life in the following looks: 

Blooming old soul

Despite knowing what’s in and current when it comes to TikTok trends and fashion options such as the MSCHF Big Red Boots, Andrea is actually living for all things vintage. If you watch her room tour, you would know that she has a knack for retro aesthetics such as diner furniture and neon lights. She is also a fan of comics and bands from way back. 

Andrea Brillantes Birthday Shoot

The actress brought this affinity to her shoot with a 60s-inspired layout. Hairstylist Aries Manal teased and added volume to Andrea’s hair, incorporating flowers to soften and play with her look. Keeping the vintage inspiration in check, Andrea gave a nod to “The London Look” with her bright blue eye makeup that pairs well with the subdued satin brown shade on her lips. 

Andrea Brillantes Birthday Shoot

Blythe also made a reference to the 90s in another decade look with her butterfly top, denim straight cut maxi skirt, and platforms.

Smizing natural beauty 

Andrea sported a cropped top and low waist trousers for a laid-back but still striking second layout. Unlike her fully constructed hair, she opted for a relaxed hairstyle with her messy tresses and some blown away bangs. Posing confidently with a smizing expression, the Lucky Beauty founder expressed her ease at being the subject of the photographer, a part of the job that she has mastered through time. 

Andrea Brillantes Birthday Shoot

Powerful Femme Fatale

Her more-than-a-decade showbiz career may not be free from issues, but Andrea has never backed down from the challenges that come with her career. In fact, she faces them with strength, honesty, and class. 

Andrea Brillantes Birthday Shoot

As a woman who is slowly but surely molding her identity, the 20-year-old fits into her Neric Beltran and La Glamour Queen leather ensemble like a glove. With her eyes fixated on only growing better every day, Blythe had her hair pulled back into a neat ponytail. The nude makeup definitely accentuated her inherent allure. 

Photos from ANDREA BRILLANTES (via Instagram)
Photography BJ PASCUAL

Creative Direction and Styling ELDZS MEJIA, assisted by CARL ALBERTO


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