An Iconic Rebirth: The LOEWE Amazona is Back With a Modern Touch - MEGA
An Iconic Rebirth: The LOEWE Amazona is Back With a Modern Touch

An Iconic Rebirth: The LOEWE Amazona is Back With a Modern Touch

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More than four decades later, LOEWE gifts us all with the revival of the Amazona

It’s not everyday that we encounter the comeback of an icon. When we do, we pause and take a moment to breathe it all in. We’re even considered lucky when we get to experience such a monumental occasion, whether it’s the resurgence of a celebrity, an establishment, or even a fashion accessory. In this case, one of LOEWE’s legendary bags has graced us with its return, but not without a modern upgrade. The Amazona presents a more refined look than ever before, coming in two styles in a wide array of colors.

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A powerful history

Originally designed at a time when tie-dye shirts and bell bottoms were all the rage, as well as when women were finally starting to gain even just a miniscule sense of equality and independence in the workplace, LOEWE’s Amazona was created with these powerful females in mind. It was presented with a classic looped handle and capacity to hold everything needed throughout the course of a typical working day. Named after the Amazons, a race of women warriors in Greek mythology, the Amazona is a bag that is both comfortable and versatile–a true testament to the spirit of the ‘70s era.

In with the new

The return of the Amazona on the brand’s 175th anniversary sees a reworked construction, proportions, materials, and details with its modern enhancement. Available in bold colors in nappa calfskin and another with the house’s Anagram symbol woven in jacquard, the Amazona made its grand reappearance in the house’s Fall-Winter 2021 runway collection.

The ones crafted in supple nappa calfskin come in shades of avocado green, black, lagoon blue, lime yellow, mink, and warm dessert. Its large, zipped compartments were even created to cater to this day and age’s devices. The Amazona also has adjustable and removable shoulder straps, making it more flexible for any type of use.

Meanwhile, the Anagram Jacquard Amazona is beautifully wrapped in LOEWE’s emblem of four interlocking L’s woven into a new, blended cotton fabric that is especially treated to make the bag water-repellent and resistant to stains. It’s available in two colorways: navy against black calfskin trim and green with avocado calfskin trim. Each one is lined in stunning gold suede with leather piping, and finished with “LOEWE Made in Spain” that’s embossed in gold on the inside panel and even on the inside of their leather straps.

The Amazona has been long-identified as the absolute representation of LOEWE for over 45 years. Thus, it is with great pride that the house announces its official return.

To get your hands on the newly revamped LOEWE Amazona bag that comes in the styles of Amazona 19 Square and Amazona 28, visit or shop through The Specialist, SSI group’s at-home concierge service, via email ([email protected]), Viber Community, or Facebook. LOEWE is also located at the East Wing of Shangri-La Plaza. For more information, visit SSI Life’s website, and follow them on Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube.