An Abundance Of Singles In The Pandemic Dating Scene

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How do you know you’re not the only one? Singles in the pandemic are facing a new problem: having too many options.

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Imagine this: somehow during the pandemic you were able to find someone half decent. You text like high schoolers to compensate for the lack of meet ups. And, when you do meet up, you both really make the most out of it. The New Yorker article on How Dating During a Pandemic Is Like Being in a Jane Austen Novel hits the nail right on the head– long walks, drawn-out affairs, and lots of planning. The only problem is it’s also as complicated as a Jane Austen novel for us singles, especially when there are other people involved. Elizabeth Bennet could never.

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After spending the whole afternoon in a car breaking things off with the guy I was dating, I couldn’t help but wonder how I got myself here in the first place. You see, he was trying to explain to me how a former fling came back to his life while we were dating. I immediately thought, “How is it even possible to have options during a pandemic?” Completely baffled, I decided to just end things right then and there.

Maybe dating around was a lot more acceptable before, but now there’s too much at risk. However, those who have gone through the pandemic-driven-dating-hiatus aren’t waiting around anymore. After a year of loneliness, you can’t blame them for it either. The truth of the matter is the pandemic has created an abundance of singles. Leave it to the citizens of Metro Manila to make a little space for love in the middle of a global crisis.

The dating scene was not only shaken, but it has also been stirred. For one, dating apps aren’t as taboo as before. You’ll find a good amount of influencers and celebrities taking online dating for a spin. Aside from this, the standards for dating have lowered as well. I had to be a little bit more understanding about the frequency of meet ups because of the situation at hand. Although, one thing stays the same. We have to use our heads when it comes to matters of the heart.

As the COVID-19 protocol ads say, prevention is better than cure. This means that we can’t let our state of loneliness let us fall too hard too fast. I’m telling you now, there are people who will take advantage of this opportunity. Less time with you doesn’t necessarily equate to more time at home keeping safe. It could mean more time to keep my options open.

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After all has been said and done, there is just one more question on my mind: Should we even be dating during a global pandemic? Think about it. If the market is overly saturated, what are the chances you’ll find the one in the pandemic pool of options? Most likely, we’ll be going through potential partners faster than swiping left on a Tinder hunt. But, we’re going to keep trying aren’t we? I guess that’s why they call it dating. You’ve got to fill out all the dates with something to do, while waiting for all of this to be over. Whatever it is, you’ve got to stay safe during all your dates– no matter where it is. Trust me. You wouldn’t want a COVID scare after a hearty break-up.