Under the Parisian Sun: Amál Takes Us Around the World With Their Latest Collection

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Bonjour, chérie! Pack your bags because these pieces are ready to take us for a lively and vibrant ride this summer

Waking up at the break of dawn to head to the airport for our long-awaited flight is and will always be worth it. It may be a struggle to do so on most days, but when we know we will be flying within the clouds in just a few more hours, getting up earlier than usual is a breeze. Adrenaline and excitement continuously fill our bloodstreams that we just can’t wait to hear the pilot’s warm greetings before the plane’s departure. But since travelling may still be out of reach, Amál decided to grace our summer with their Soleil Collection that’s inspired by past travels of the brand’s founders.

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Now boarding

Amál, founded by Gaby David, Anya Limjoco, and Gabbie Rodriguez, is a local clothing brand that began in 2018. For the three childhood friends, travelling together simply made their friendship stronger and more thrilling. Having done so at an early age, the trio has all these colorful memories with each other from way back when, making them their greatest source of inspiration. Fashion is something that ties their relationship together, and they decided to combine that with what they fondly remember from their previous trips to make the perfect summer collection.

Childhood friends turned business partners Gabbie Rodriguez, Anya Limjoco, and Gaby David

A fashionable summer takeover

Influenced by the founders’ travels to Europe and South America, Amál’s upcoming release conveys the vibrancy and brightness that the countries from those two continents project. Composed of five items–three dresses, one halter top, and one mini bag–the Soleil Collection provides ideal outfits for that hot girl summer vibe we’re all aiming for through their light colors and eye-catching prints.

Perfectly named after the French word for sun, the Soleil Collection exudes radiance with every piece. The Leandra is a slip-on dress that not only has a charming teardrop print, but also some subtle ruffles at the bottom. These playful details create a more special outfit that could match the liveliness of different cities. Willa encapsulates the brightness of the sun with its yellow and white color palette. This free-flowing midi with a straight-cut neckline is our new go-to dress for every summer photo. The last of the dresses, Olympia, is one that we simply can’t live without. Its sleek midi-length dress, v-neck neckline, and unique print makes it a true standout piece.

Olympia, Leandra, and Willa are ready to beat the summer heat!

Amál also created a separate top that can be easily mixed and matched with any type of bottom. Included in their latest collection is Steph, a red and white halter-neck top that is buttoned at the back, giving that fresh and airy feeling during those hot summer days. Ali is the last item in the Soleil Collection. This mini basket bag with wooden handles is the cherry on top of a flawless summer outfit.

Steph and Ali–a match made in heaven

Visit their website to catch the upcoming drop of the Soleil Collection starting July 15, 2021. For more information, follow them on Instagram.