Alyssa Valdez And Mika Reyes Have More Differences Than You Think!

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From universities to millennial trends, see how Alyssa Valdez and Mika Reyes ultimately differ from each other!

Coming from competing universities in the UAAP league, Alyssa Valdez and Mika Reyes are already far different from each other. But the two are now friends as they work together to bring home the Asian Games volleyball championship. And off the court, their differences make them an adorable pair that’s true friend goals!
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Though the two have some millennial trends they like in common, we can’t help but find their differences really cute. You wouldn’t believe how their styles differ! Mika’s into pixie cut hair while Alyssa’s not a fan. Chunky sneakers may not be Alyssa’s thing but Mika’s in the trend. Alyssa loves the Louis Vuitton Archlight sneakers but they’re not Mika’s thing. All these things and a lot more just make up a really cute pair.
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Want to see Alyssa and Mika take on the ultimate yay or nay quiz on millennial trends? Watch the video below!


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