The Two Designer Collaborations We Need In Time For Summer
The Two Designer Collaborations We Need In Time For Summer

The Two Designer Collaborations We Need In Time For Summer

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Whether you’re going to the beach or about to hit the gym, these H&M collaborations are what you need to get that picture-perfect summer body.

At this point, it’s no longer a surprise for us anymore whenever H&M has a collaboration. But what makes their designer partnerships interesting is that they never fail to bring something new to the table, most especially when it is timely and relevant. Following its successful collaboration with Richard Allan and Giambattista Valli, H&M just unveiled two new limited-edition collections. This time with P.E. Nation and Johanna Ortiz.

The former is the Australian brand who’s famed for blurring the line between everyday fashion and essential active wear, while the latter is highly regarded with timeless maximalism in the world of fashion. What’s unique about their partnership with H&M, you ask? Look no further, as we get the lowdown on each offering, digging through all you need to know about the Swedish fast-fashion giant’s latest collaborations.

P.E. Nation

Did that sudden bout of heat catch you by surprise? Well, that harsh reality is just a reminder that summer has arrived. In fact, the moment you go out of your own home, you’ll instantly feel the warmth of the sun. But more than that, this signals our time to get our gym routines in order and have our summer-ready body.


With that in mind, H&M saw it fitting to tap P.E. Nation to bring design-driven athleisure to women everywhere. The Sydney-based brand’s founders and friends, Pip Edwards and Claire Tregoning have already joined forces together with the fast-fashion brand creating essential active wear whilst using sustainable materials.

From figure-flattering leggings and bike shorts to sports socks and bum bags, all of the pieces solely made for the partnership can be easily paired with everything and anything in today’s wardrobe. According to P.E. Nation’s founders, “[in this] collaboration, we want women all over the world to live a more confident, vibrant, fashionable life whilst juggling her fast-paced urban existence. The collection can be worn all day, every day, whilst being flexible, functional and style-led.”

Swipe below to see the full collection of H&M x P.E. Nation.

Johanna Ortiz

Sure, majority of the women who go to the beach will make it a point to flaunt their gorgeous, voluptuous bodies wearing a bikini. And honestly speaking, we’re not complaining. Besides, who doesn’t loves a woman who embraces her body so much? While this may be, what sets a real style savant on the beach if everyone’s wearing a two-piece swimsuit? The answer is what she’s wearing over her bikini.

It’s really easy to spot a fashionista on the beach. When you see her wearing a flowy light dress or a tunic as a cover-up, that means she’s mindful of what’s she’s wearing than just her quintessential bikini. And if you’re looking for one, well, H&M’s collaborative collection with Colombian designer Johanna Ortiz is your best bet this summer.

Johanna Ortiz is famed for her sophisticated bohemian world. You’ve probably seen some of her creations worn by the likes of Michelle Obama, Beyoncé and Lady Gaga—all thanks to her vibrant and print-fueled design aesthetic.

Following an exclusive pre-drop of four dresses, the Swedish giant has finally launched its 19-piece collection with Ortiz, which ranges from feminine dresses, tops, skirts, to swimwear. It also features an exotic color palette, tropical florals, and dramatic silhouettes.

According to Johanna Ortiz, “the imprint of Colombia—the rhythm of the Salsa dance, the beauty of the elegant orchids and the effortless palm trees dancing in a balmy pink sunset—can be felt in every [piece]. I’m thrilled to introduce some Latin American festivity to the H&M customer’s wardrobe.”

Swipe below to see the full collection of H&M x Johanna Ortiz.

H&M’s collaboration with P.E. Nation is now available only in its SM Megamall branch, SM Makati, Greenbelt 4, Mall of Asia, and Ayala Center Cebu as well as online. On the other hand, H&M’s collaboration with Johanna Ortiz will only be available on selected stores nationwide and online