All The Designers Nadine Lustre Wore On The Making MEGA In Rio Cover

Get your first glimpse of all the designers Nadine Lustre wore as she explores the rich art scene of Rio de Janeiro for the #MakingMEGA Anniversary Issue 2020.

Nadine Lustre has always been destined for great and mighty things. Ever since she started her career in show business at a young age, she has always excelled in her own craft. One project after another, with teleseryes and brand campaigns, she has constantly outdone herself, proving that there’s always more to life.

After her successful shoot for her first-ever Making MEGA in Greece with James Reid, she ventured beyond what the television and film industry has to offer. She started to have her own make-up line and served as its creative director, as well as creating music under the Careless Music Manila label.

So, it’s only fitting to say that she has achieved the title of a true multi-hyphenate star. But more importantly, she has achieved the goal of her being—that holistic growth that we must all achieve in our lifetime. After all, life is not just about mastering one aspect of it; rather it is honing all your talents.

Now, as Nadine makes her Making MEGA comeback, we bring her to our first country of destination for this iconic series: Brazil. And as we are back, coming full circle, closing out this beloved tradition of ours with Nadine Lustre, we envisioned her to be much fiercer, undaunted, and most importantly a newborn goddess. In this gospel according to Nadine, let her looks speak for itself radiating an overflowing amount of beauty in this tropical haven of Rio de Janeiro.

Optical Illusion

For her first look, Nadine wore a sculptural dress by Shao Shi that was immaculately complemented by the white mosaic stairs. To make her even standout more, her look was finished with a gorgeous Clash de Cartier rings and bracelet.

Sheer Goddess

Always the daring woman who can confidently show off her flawless skin, Nadine wore a sheer ruffled top by Kim Basilio teamed with a leather harness by Kristine Ordinario. She capped off her look with a Cartier Juste Un Clou necklace.

Meet The Boss

Nadine’s giving us no less than the boss energy that she exudes. Wearing a white Neric Beltran blazer with cutouts punctuated by a Clash de Cartier rings and bracelet, this is definitely one way to show confidence and power, both at the same time.

Lady In Red

Living her best life in a setting where the old intersects with the new, Nadine Lustre donned a red satin mini dress by Chyhnna Mamawal over a black metallic bodysuit by Ebiro.

Urban Amazona

Looking all sophisticatedly edgy in the urban jungle of Rio de Janeiro, our Making MEGA cover star for February stunned us in an embellished asymmetrical corset by Renan Pacson paired with a black pantsuit.

Stretch It Out

Nadine Lustre proves that you can effortlessly elevate a street-ready outfit by partnering it with luxe jewelry. Case in point, our multihyphenate star in a red patent Yves Camingue leather jacket and latex bodysuit by Chris Diaz, complemented by Panthère de Cartier ring and necklace.

Break Free

Keeping up with the exposed corsetry trends, our cover star goes all out for her comeback. She wore a red topper by Kaye Morales paired with a caged corset by AJ Javier, and beautiful sculptural pants by Belle Villanueva. She added a hint of luxe wearing an exquisite Juste un Clou Cartier earrings.

Photography DOOKIE DUCAY
Creative direction SUKI SALVADOR and JANN PASCUA
Fashion direction and styling LYN ALUMNO assisted by RJ ROQUE
Shoot coordination THEA MARTIN and ANGELA JACOB
Shoot assistant MJ ALMERO
Shot on location at RIO DE JANEIRO, BRAZIL
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