All The Designers Jessica Yang Wore On The Cover That You Need To Look Out For

Proving that fashion will always be an extension of who you are, top model Jessica Yang shows us what it’s like having the freedom to express yourself however you want. 

The world of influencers have drastically changed through the years, having had to go through a sort of learning curve as of late. Compared to the time when we were only at the precipice of this billion dollar marketing industry, people who have a huge following must now be more sensitive and prudent when posting anything. That’s because the younger generation are becoming easily influenced by what they see on social media.

Top-model-turned-influencer Jessica Yang explains that there is so much danger now being on such platforms. “Now that I’m an influencer, I started to see young girls copying things I do, just because I’m doing it,” she says. “So, how dangerous is that? I really need to be careful about what I say and how I represent myself. Because at the end of the day, it is a platform to show who you are. But be a good role model.”

So, as MEGAStyle enters a whole new chapter, we want to make it a point to show the younger women that you can be who you want and however you want. We want to show that you have the freedom to wear whatever you want—whether it’s a leather ensemble, sheer look, or an avant garde creation. We’ll have your back and say, you go, girl!

Part of this movement means featuring designers that we all need to watch out for. They are the ones who are slowly and surely staking their claim in the local fashion scene with ingenious creations. In fact, all of the designers that our cover girl wore on the cover have a very distinct design philosophy and aesthetic. And because of this, we envisioned Jessica Yang is six different themes. In this #MEGAStyleMovement, let the top model show you how to impeccably stand out in a vast domain that is the internet.

Geoffrey Zardilla

While Geoffrey Zardilla is known for his ever-daring creations, he can also create pieces that exudes sophistication. So, for Jessica’s first look, he produced a daringly feminine jacquard puffed-sleeved cropped jacket and flared pants. In doing so, he proved that it is truly possible to marry two distinct aesthetic: dauntless and refined.

Neric Beltran

Neric Beltran is no stranger to us anymore as we’ve seen his works on several covers of MEGA to date. That’s because he has continuously proved that he has always been a very versatile designer as he never failed to capture the distinct aesthetic of the personality he’s dressing. For this layout, we wanted to show the real Jess who’s chill and happy-go-lucky, which is why Jess wore a two piece suit.

LVNA by Drake Dustin

With only three years of being in the business of jewelry, LVNA by Drake Dustin proves to us that his brand is beyond your quintessential high jewelry designs. For this look, we are welcomed to the vibrant 60s. Complementing the blonde bee hive hair, this look is splashing with colors thanks to the bejeweled bespoke frames crafted and designed by Drake Dustin.

Rosbert Villar

If there would only be one word to describe Rosbert Villar, it’s going to be pure elegance. The young designer always make sure that in every piece that he creates the woman will unarguably feel the right amount of opulence. In this fourth look, Jessica transports us to the glamour of the old world as she donned a sheer bodysuit with heavy embellishments complemented by a Mandarin orange opera coat.

Kelvin Morales

Kevin Morales is a creative that’s definitely a force to be reckoned with. As majority of his pieces have always been eye-catching—thanks to his avant-garde-inspired concepts—we wanted Jessica to be someone who’s the epitome of anything extraordinary. For this exquisitely unique creation, Kelvin opted to use cocoon silk and adorned it with synthetic dyed hair and constructed a sculptured dress.

Ushi Sato

Sultry and fearless—these are the two prominent elements you’ll notice in an Ushi Sato dress. In this layout, we wanted Jessica to be your rebel gal who’s ready to take on the world in style. The former Dubai-based designer who’s finally back in Manila has created this gorgeous little white sheer dress that’s evocative of what a real MEGAStyle girl is.


If you’ve seen Ebiro’s Holiday 2019 collection during MEGA Fashion Week, their aesthetic would mostly revolve around edgy pieces—from animal prints to leathers. But this time around we wanted to highlight that Jeremiah Oribe and Francis Chee, the duo behind the brand, can also do quirky yet chic pieces, hence, designing this two-toned flounce dress.

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