All The Designers Catriona Gray Wore On The New MEGA Cover

See all the designer fashion Catriona Gray wore as she rises above the adversities of life and illuminates a much-needed hope on the new MEGA cover.

When Catriona Gray won the Miss Universe 2018 crown, she sure did bring an overwhelming amount of happiness and pride to countless Filipinos worldwide. In fact, her victory was so memorable, we can still vividly remember our own reactions when Steve Harvey finally announced the Philippines as the winner. While this may be, what others may not know is that the beauty queen never really thought of joining the world of pageantry before. The only reason she reconsidered was when she realized that this huge platform for women can become her avenue to truly help those in need.

Catriona has always been very outspoken with her advocacy. She was intentional in being of service to others, doing volunteer work for the marginalized sectors—a trait not often seen in many celebrities. And because of her act of benevolence going to the grassroots, she gained a better understanding of how life is lived: to look for the silver linings.

The philosophy of life is very complex and relative. Many scholars have studied the art of living yet failed to give us one solid formula to follow. Growing up, Catriona was a girl who was allowed to fail. Her family knew that she needed to learn how to stand up back again no matter how many times she fell. So, at a young age, she already knew that failure was inevitable and it is only through committing mistakes that she could learn.

Now, here’s the thing about failure, it acts as divine teaching prompting you to become a better version of yourself. It changes you because it is necessary—it is good. You just need to keep on dreaming, hoping, and believing that everything will work out in the end. That’s why Catriona’s message during the final walk of her reign was this: “To everyone with a dream, know that your dreams are valid, and on your path, you are never denied, only redirected.”

True enough, perhaps that’s the whole point of living. We have plans and ideas of how we want to live our lives yet it never ends up that way. But regardless of what obstacles life throws at you, as Dory said in the movie Finding Nemo, “just keep swimming.” And this literally was what Catriona Gray alluded in the new MEGA Cover.

MEGA’s Associate Creative Director Jann Pascua thought of shooting her literally ascending underwater because, from the depths of a global crisis, we rage, we fight, and we rise–reaching for that crack of light in the darkness. There was also a balance between ethereal and fluid movements and strong, powerful storytelling through emotions. And to fashionably capture this beautiful allusion, MEGA’s Fashion Editor Jeb Fronda swathed the beauty queen in a monochromatic white swimsuit layered with breathtaking sheer, flowy ensembles.

No Way But Up

In this gorgeous shot used in our cover, Catriona Gray donned a long draped dress by designer Neric Beltran. In this photo narrative, she proves through her body’s positioning that once you hit a perceived bottom, there’s really no other way but up.

Above All

Shot above the water with half of the body submerged, the beauty queen is still a true force to be reckoned with. Garbed in an all-white neoprene dress by Los-Angeles-based Filipino designer Puey Quiñones, we can definitely say that she is a vision realized.

Into The Darkness

Believing that there’s always a crack of light wherever we may be, she faces the darkness like a brave lone mermaid. Upon wearing this gorgeous sheer tiered dress by Geoffrey Zordilla, she exudes the regality and power of a true queen.


Awakened with a true understanding of how life is lived, Catriona Gray is brimming with hope in the midst of the pandemic. And much like her soft, flawless skin, she deserves no less than wearing an exquisite white pleated dress such as this creation made by Sainte Marion.

Forever Young

Cozying up positioned to what looks like a comfortable child’s pose, the former Miss Universe reminds us to never forget to look at our past. And donning this ravishing tiered asymmetrical dress by Puey Quiñones, Catriona undeniably shines like a heavenly body.

Rise Up

Last, but definitely not the least, rising up to all the challenges that she may be confronted with, Catriona Gray is the star we will all be looking up to til the end of our days. And upon donning this stunning sheer metallic Ushi Sato dress, we can say that her journey to becoming the youth’s beacon of hope is just the beginning.

Photography DOOKIE DUCAY
Creative direction JANN PASCUA
Fashion direction and styling JEB FRONDA
Shoot coordination MJ ALMERO
Shot on location at THE SCUBA STUDIO
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