All The Beautifully Bizarre Looks We Spotted At The 2020 Grammys
All The Beautifully Bizarre Looks We Spotted At The 2020 Grammys

All The Beautifully Bizarre Looks We Spotted At The 2020 Grammys

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These artists stunned with their extraordinary looks both on the the carpet and for their performances, but we were definitely eyeing their beauty looks at the Grammys. 

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Giving attention to every detail, these stars definitively exceeded our expectations with their full glam beauty looks for the 2020 Grammys, which is considerably a lot more fun than the usual red carpet salvo. Speaking of fun, have you also recognized how they gave their signature looks a little twist? While others would still keep the Pantone color of the year alive in their shadows and accessories, we were quick to notice how others are elevating their beauty looks with their atypical ‘do and embellished nails.

A unique union of all things musical, here are our favorite red carpet hair and beauty looks that swept us away at the Grammys.

Ariana Grande

Ariana Grande’s iconic high-ponytail is no longer the shade of luscious dark brown we used to see, and we’re loving it. For Ariana’s Grammys 2020 look, she rocked a flipped blonde high-ponytail,which she wore a contrastingly yet complementing strong winged liner and glossy lips.

Billy Porter

Showering the red carpet with all the shimmer and sass, Billy Porter was sparkling from head-to-toe. To match his dazzling fringed hat, pants, and clutch, his eyes were painted with galactic sky blue shadows and metallic silver lips. Adding an element of shock to his over all look, he put a beauty mark using a gem.

Alicia Keys

The no-makeup makeup advocate is looking glowing as usual, but her hair is definitely doing it’s thing. Alicia Keys tweaked her iconic braids, finishing her baby hair with a wet look ‘do and ringed curls, and adding sparkly diamonds around it.

Billie Eilish

Credits to Emi Kudo, because Billie Eilish’s slime-green nails were actually Gucci logo. With her signature green roots, Billie topped off her look with semi-rimless sunglasses.


Are you already over Lizzo’s tiniest Valentino handbag? She sure knows how to turn heads in all her red carpet appearances. In this year’s Grammys, aside from putting on smokey eyes and gradient lips, Lizzo used a Christian Louboutin polish for her nails that are purposely designed with a number 8 in each finger to symbolize her eight nominations.

FKA Twigs

Always the irreverent personality, FKA Twigs effortlessly pulled off an edgy array. Looking at her Grammys look, we simply can’t keep our eyes off her freckles, dramatic eyes, and seemingly laminated brows.

Esperanza Spalding

If you’ve already adored Esperanza Spalding’s sets of buns from a front angle, you have to check her ‘do from behind. The modern muse is here, sporting cornrows at the back parting of her hair.


H.E.R. fires up the red carpet with her retro look. With her faux curls tied up, her baby hair properly tamed, she fittingly resembled a 70s siren with her glittery purple shadow, orange lips, and oversized pastel orange sunglasses.

Dua Lipa

We can do a full 180, but still not getting over Dua Lipa’s gradient blue lids, giving a certain illusion that constantly draws us in at every look. To offset the drama, she kept the rest subtle–from nude lips to grown black roots.