See All The Designers Jach Manere Wore On The MEGAStyle Cover
See All The Designers Jach Manere Wore On The MEGAStyle Cover

See All The Designers Jach Manere Wore On The MEGAStyle Cover

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Witness how top model Jach Manere breathtakingly ascends from the deep seas to the high mountains in her MEGAStyle Cover.

There’s more than meets the eye than just being a model. While it’s always been perceived as a pseudo job for beautiful people, it’s actually a hard-earned career that can only be achieved by a number of people. Upon looking at it closely, landing a job in a cut-throat industry such as fashion is complicated enough, so just imagine models needing to have a piece of the mega-million industry one project after another.

Courage, determination, and perseverance are only some of the key values a model needs to have in order to succeed in this career path. Come to think of it, have you ever heard any model say that their profession is the easiest job in the world? Absolutely none. That’s because they always need to be one step ahead in the modeling scene to climb to the top.

Filipina model Jach Manere can totally attest to this. This is definitely not for the faint-hearted, and we’ve seen how she truly fought for her spot in one of the most prestigious modeling competitions: Asia’s Next Top Model Cycle 6. While her stint at the show didn’t end as much as we hoped for, we still believe that she deserves to be on the top.

One challenge after another she proved to everyone that she knows how to portray the raw beauty in the art of modeling. And this type of professionalism was what she exactly showed us during MEGAStyle’s cover shoot this December 2020 with the beautiful scenery of Pangasinan became her backdrop. From dusk till dawn, we wanted to highlight the versatility of Spotlight Cosmetics together with the fierce talent of Jach Manere. So, we go to the islands for serene moments in the day time and ecstatic energy in the night time.

Night’s Watch

Jach Manere MEGA Spotlight

The sun has set and the darkness dominated the skies, but for the top model, she was only starting. Going into the dark sea oblivious of the challenges she’ll face in the future, she braved the shore in a majestic black lace cape gown by Neric Beltran accentuated with silver strapped stilettos from Shoepatos by Doreen Odvina.


Jach Manere MEGA Spotlight

Patiently waiting, Jach Manere channeled the mistress of the night. Looking all composed, the top model bewitched everyone in this stunning black sparkling Lesley Mobo gown detailed with a mix of sequins and velvet. To finish the look, she wore a seductive black hat adorned with ostrich feathers by Ushi Sato.

Sheer Fascination

It’s no surprise that upon entering a hall, Jach Manere would immediately stun everyone with her beauty. So, what more when she arrived in this beautifully crafted sheer tulle dress embellished with beadworks by Ram Silva.

Silver Linings

Always looking at the bright side regardless of how darkness may veil the skies, Jach nonchalantly strikes everyone with her raw beauty. Donning a silver sequined metallic gown by Lesley Mobo, she wonderfully refracted the light bouncing back and forth the seawater.

High At Dawn


With the beautiful west Philippine sea as its background, Jach was a vision to see in a sheer flowy lilac and pink gown by Puey Quiñones. Finishing the look, she wore a gorgeous sterling silver earring adorned with tourmalines and Murano beads, as well as a silver butterfly ring adorned with tourmalines and rubies, both by Devaluchi Joaillerie by Denise Ching.

On The Rocks

Showing us the true surreal moment upon reaching the height of her success, Jach Manere truly aims only for the best in her career. And upon wearing this silver fringed dress by Marc Rancy, she definitely shines on top of the world.

Cover Me Up

Jach Manere MEGA Spotlight

While hats are normally worn to cover your head, this time around, the top model proves to us that fashion, in general, is undoubtedly versatile. Wearing Ushi Sato’s red laced sun hat, Jach Manere covered herself with the hat’s long layered train.

Pearl of The Orient

Jach Manere MEGA Spotlight

Much like how the Philippines is known for its natural beauty, Jach Manere showed us what a pure-blooded Filipina’s beauty is like wearing a tweed swimsuit by Debbie Co. She completed her ravishing look with a freshwater pearl necklace by Tim Tam Ong, as well as a 14kt gold bangle with saltwater pearls, 14kt white gold and 10kt yellow gold with princess cut diamonds and south sea pearls, and a 14kt gold plated caterpillar ring adorned with crystals all by Devaluchi Joaillerie.

Weathered Affair

Finally, as she ends her journey at the edge of the cliff, the top model is finally able to slow down and take in the breath of fresh wind. Donning a blue velvet cape gown by Pablo Cabahug paired with blue ribbon strapped stilettos by Puey Quiñones and Lenny Lu, she’s undeniably breathtaking upon channeling the goddess of the wind.