Alicia Keys Is Finally Revealing Her Long-Kept Skincare Secret With This Lifestyle Beauty Brand

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Set to redefine beauty as we consume it, the revelation of E.l.f. cosmetics’ unforeseen collaboration with singer Alicia Keys is indeed a major surprise, considering the singer’s vow to appear makeup-free publicly since 2016. 

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Whether Alicia Keys is coaching in The Voice or hosting the Grammys, she is not only advocating the power of skincare, but confidently flaunting her barefaced beauty in the process. Focusing entirely on her skincare routine to highlight her natural glow, the music legend has since then never worn heavy makeup even for public engagements. Meaning, it’s not entirely zero makeup products present. Instead, her glam team would simply apply highlighter and lip gloss atop her healthy and nourished skin and they’re done.

Now, let’s take a trip down May 2016 when the Grammy Award-winning singer began her no-makeup journey through a note-to-self sent to Lenny Letter.  Not wearing makeup is her own way of uncovering her true self. Transcribing her thoughts into lyrics, Alicia has dropped the track, Girl Can’t Be Herself to further expound on her beauty routine foray. A decision entirely of her own volition and what works for her and her truth, she has nothing against people who find empowerment and confidence through wearing makeup and she’s no way hating on makeup, just in case anyone gets her wrong.

Even with the disclaimer that she’s not anti-makeup, it still came as a surprise to her fans and to every beauty enthusiasts that she’s officially collaborating with e.l.f cosmetics for a skin-loving, cruelty-free, vegan, and dermatologist-tested collection. For years, she’s kept her skincare routine hush-hush, which a lot have been asking her to unveil. Well, the long wait is over and we’re finally getting a peek inside her vanity room through her upcoming lifestyle beauty brand with e.l.f., which is set to launch next year.

When the beauty announcement has been made, it gained some negative responses and makeup gurus were skeptical about the sudden teaming up. But this tweet could actually be it. Without the final word for what the products are going to be, whether these are skincare or makeup products, we expect these products to be infused with ingredients that are gentle to the skin.

alicia keys makeup
Photos from @aliciakeys on Instagram

While e.l.f. cosmetics is known for uncomplicated makeup that are affordable, and Keys recognized for having flawless skin, we’d love to revel in 2-in-1 beauty products that give a hint of color or accents and enhance skin at the same time. Embracing the morena skin, we hope the collection is suitable and complementing for all skin tones and skin types, too.