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Alex Gonzaga-Morada and Her Unmatched Glow

Alex Gonzaga-Morada and Her Unmatched Glow

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As the face of SNAILWHITE, Alex Gonzaga-Morada shares with us the blessings she continues to relish, as well as the celebration of her steady growth into an all-around queen

They say that the moonlight drowns out all but the brightest stars, and Alex’s glimmer only gets stronger with age. Whether she’s on YouTube, on television, or on the big screen, Alex Gonzaga-Morada dazzles with an unrelenting aura. Both her playful personality and her naturally glowing skin only become more magnified through the refreshing benefits of SNAILWHITE; a brand that supports all women in achieving their ultimate next level glow. Those who still wonder and remain curious about the true essence of her beauty will witness it at its brightest. Today, we sit with Alex Gonzaga-Morada to talk about being a millennial woman in the years of the pandemic, the treasures she values the most, as well as the natural features and highlights that truly make Alex who she is: an all-around queen.

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The story so far

Despite being larger-than-life personalities, celebrities have not been spared from the harsh reality brought upon by the COVID-19 pandemic. For Alex, the ordeal has been slightly uneasy given the delays dealt to her plans due to the extensive lockdowns. Even with these inconveniences, the poised Alex G. continues to take things one day at a time, as she was glad to express gratitude towards her Savior and the loving people around her for all of the positive and exciting things that have recently come into her life.

Perhaps the biggest of these blessings came in the form of a man. After dating Lipa City Counselor Mikee Morada for a few years, the two finally decided to tie the knot via a solemn, private wedding last November. As one of the few who chose to go forward with getting married in the middle of a pandemic, Alex shared that while the experience wasn’t the ideal wedding day she had imagined, it was still the wedding of her dreams because she was able to marry the man she truly wants to be with for the rest of her life, stating:

“Ako naman kasi, since bata ako, wala talaga akong particular dream wedding na set-up or kung beach or garden ba siya, wala. Ang pinaka[importante] sa akin ‘noong bata pa lang ako is I really want to meet my groom: ‘Yung aking prince charming or the man of my dreams.”

Alex Gonzaga-Morada on the wedding of her dreams

The YouTube sensation also added that despite the onset of the pandemic, she was able to garner a multitude of opportunities that have allowed herself to grow as an artist and entertainer. Apart from the continued success of her massive vlogging channel Alex Gonzaga Official, the young star was also able to ink a deal with a brand-new media network, giving her the chance to lead her own variety show.

Teaming up with SNAILWHITE

Beyond film and social media, Alex shared that the endeavor she’s most excited with so far has been becoming the face of SNAILWHITE just last year. As a skincare brand she truly respects and appreciates, Alex has been relishing her spot as SNAILWHITE’s Glowing Goddess, showcasing her distinct, lovely features while making her fans proud in teaming up with a world-class trademark.

Alex G.’s unwavering trust on SNAILWHITE as a trademark that isn’t just your average skincare brand solely relies on her experience with the brand’s essential line of products. Recently releasing a video of her own personal routine, the young star is thrilled to have SNAILWHITE play a major role in her daily life and in making sure her skin exudes that signature dewy glow, 24/7. This guarantee of amazing and healthy skin all-around has allowed Alex to wield a unique aura of confidence that she has never felt before; a confidence that now favors maturity and poise over youth and quirkiness.

“Minsan, kahit sobrang… nasa labas ako or wala akong makeup, I’m confident na mag-shoot or mag-vlog because I know that I’m always in my best skin and I’m always glowing with SNAILWHITE.”

Alex Gonzaga-Morada on having the perfect glass skin 24/7

What’s on the horizon

With all of the pieces seemingly fitting in its place, Alex G. continues to exude an astute sense of appreciation for being in the place she is right now, attributing these successes not only to herself, but to her unwavering faith and all of those around her. This mature take on the current state of affairs in her life has manifested in the theme of her shoot, where she takes on striking all-white ensembles in the middle of a pink SNAILWHITE sky. Upon conversations about what’s next for Alex G., the young star adds that she now finds more importance in growing together with the people she loves, rather than arriving in the destination itself, adding: “You’re glowing, and you’re glowing up with your audience and with your family. That’s all I really want. When you glow, hindi ka nang-iiwan. Everyone is with you.”

Beyond the witty quips, Alex G. capped off our short-but-sweet conversation by providing a very thoughtful and serious insight regarding those inspired by her successes and journey so far, going on to share:

“Don’t look at others, don’t compare, kasi before, that was my mistake also. Always remember na ang para kay Juan ay para kay Juan, pero meron din naman na para kay Pedro. So, we all have blessings on our way, it’s just that iba-iba lang tayo kung paano ibibigay.”

Alex Gonzaga-Morada’s number one tip for those who aspire to be like her

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