Here’s How AHA and BHA Can Help You Achieve K-Drama Glass Skin

We’re all guilty of gluing ourselves on the couch to binge-watch K-dramas. We swoon during cute scenes, cry when drama stirs the plot, and stare in wonder at how the actors’ faces always look so fresh and flawless. Their glass skin is the envy of many, and is a goal most of us want to achieve. Getting this clear complexion all boils down to two active acids: AHA and BHA.

Alpha Hydroxy Acid, also known as AHA, is derived from natural substances such as citrus fruits and milk. It works on the surface level of your skin and sloughs off dead skin cells. It promotes collagen production, reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, smoothens the texture of your skin, and brightens your complexion by eliminating dark spots. On the other hand, Beta Hydroxy Acid, or BHA, penetrates your skin on a deeper level to control sebum production, unclogs your pores and reduces their size, and soothes redness and inflammation. Together, these two chemical exfoliants can help accelerate your skin’s renewal process minus the stinging, peeling, and burning sensations of toners and without the micro-tears on your skin left by grainy scrubs.

These two are the star ingredients of SNAILWHITE’s newest product, the Glow Potion AHA·BHA Toner. The toner is perfect for all skin types and is alcohol-free, allowing its gentle formula to balance the pH levels of your skin and won’t strip it of moisture. Glow Potion is also packed with a powerhouse of active ingredients to help you get glowing skin. It has hyaluronic acid and glycerin to nourish your skin, making it smooth and soft; niacinamide and ginseng extract to visibly lighten dark marks and sun spots while making your skin plump; witch hazel to relieve inflammation and fight acne; and Swiss Alpine willowherb extract to regulate sebum production.

This potent toner serves as a gentle skin exfoliator to prep your skin for the next skincare products. Incorporate this into your Holy Grail Trinity of skincare products along with the SNAILWHITE Whipp Soap to gently cleanse your skin, and the SNAILWHITE Moisture Facial Cream to lock in moisture without the heavy or oily feeling. With these, you can achieve the K-drama glass skin of your dreams.

SNAILWHITE Glow Potion AHA·BHA Toner (P395) is available at leading Watsons, The SM Store, Robinsons Supermarket, and Southstar Drug branches nationwide, and online on SNAILWHITE’s official stores on BeautyMNL, Zalora, Lazada and Shopee. For more information, follow SNAILWHITE on Facebook and Instagram.

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