Beat the Age Guessing Game with This New Beauty Secret Weapon

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The race against time is a fight girls have to face now more than ever. People spend thousands on creams, serums, moisturizers, and other skincare products for the sake of freezing the effects of time or even reversing them. But what if you could get the benefits of all those products and look as youthful as ever with just one powerful ingredient?
That’s the promise that astaxanthin makes and delivers. This potent antioxidant comes from freshwater microalgae that has the power to do wonders to your skin. Known as the king of carotenoids (a type of powerful, antioxidant), it’s an exceptionally powerful nutrient that is necessary for a successful anti-aging regimen.
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Taken orally, it stimulates the production of collagen in your skin. It has the ability to reduce fine lines and maintain your skin’s elasticity and firmness so you can be free of worries from aging too fast. If you want to include this beauty weapon to your skincare routine, you’ll be glad to know that astaxanthin is determined safe for nutritional use, with no toxicity and no known adverse effects found with high dosage intake—just beauty benefits all around!

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Ditch the shade and soak in the sunlight! Astaxanthin functions as an internal sunscreen to shield you from skin damage and sunburn with its photo-protective feature. You can kiss your pigmented imperfections goodbye because this powerful ingredient inhibits the overproduction and oxidation of your skin’s melanin after exposure to the sun. It also has the ability to lighten dark spots such as age spots, freckles, and dark eye circles.
Leave your worries about flaking and dullness behind. By taking astaxanthin, you are improving the appearance and texture of your skin while preserving its health. Astaxanthin prevents UV damage and photo-aging which can cause your skin to dry up, so you can save minutes of applying sticky sunscreen to your skin while keeping it nourished.