Aesthetics in Ethics: Live Sustainably Stylish With Levi’s®

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Give your wardrobe a fresh, green look with Levi’s® eco-friendly collections

Living a sustainable lifestyle affects things we choose and will have inevitable effects on the planet for a lifetime. In this sense, our fashion choices should not cost the earth. This is an essential idea in the new generation of styles. It is about having less, albeit better means of improving your wardrobe. To take concrete steps towards sustainability in fashion, it is key to ask the “whys” before you buy, keeping in mind that what you add up to your life must reflect your identity, your truth, and your nature, as Levi’s® does. 

Since its conception, Levi’s® signature pieces have pioneered being socially and environmentally conscious through its innovative design process and putting the planet first. The brand aims to continuously change the clothing industry with its advanced technology and creation process by introducing their latest material development, the Cottonized Hemp & Tencel™ in their designs. With this, Levi’s® encourages everyone to take a step back from fast fashion, and explore slow, responsible consumerism.

Take part in the changing fashion landscape and do right by the planet. Levi’s® eco-friendly collections offer everything you need to make your wardrobe green from head to toe. Take it from our Sustainability and Ask Why before You Buy Campaign icons:

An Executive Director, Marine Conversionalist, and “Chief Mermaid” of Save Philippines Seas, Anna Oposa and her organization aim to protect coastal and marine environments through education and community-based projects. Anna shared with us her commitment and eco-resolution mantra: learn more about focusing on quality, and not on quantity. Buy only what you need and love to wear on a daily basis. 

An environmentalist, scuba diver, underwater photographer, and all-around planeteer, Cat Triviño wears many hats to do her part for the planet. She is also a volunteer and partner for NGO Planet CORA, and she also runs her own mental health organization, MindNation. According to Cat, similar to how she asked herself “whys” in her life, asking “why” before she buys also has a tremendous impact on her carbon footprint and advocacy. As a planeteer, it’s important to keep yourself informed with the latest data and innovations, volunteer in ocean and community programs, and engross yourself in every opportunity to learn. Knowing the answer behind the “whys” gives us clarity in life and benefits our planet for the years to come.

Other sustainability thought-leaders will be joining Anna Oposa and Cat Triviño in sharing their journey to sustainable living through conscious consumption. Macky Tung will talk about his eco-conscious styling tips with Levi’s® sustainable fits. A visual artist and muralist, Anina Rubio’s works are driven by her advocacies and passion to promote marine conservation. Environmental consultant, ecotourism developer, social entrepreneur, and founder of Bambike, Bryan McClelland will give his two cents. And lastly, contemporary artist-designer-painter Leeroy New whose practice overlaps and intersects with film, theater, public installations, product design, and fashion will chime in. Their personal advocacy and sustainable journey with Levi’s® Ask Why Before You Buy educational series will be available through their personal IGTV in the coming days.

Anina Rubio, Bryan McClelland, and Leeroy New

Sustainability is all about the long run. Levi’s®, as part of staying true to its values and commitment to this movement, will flourish in strengthening its collective efforts to bring forth sustainable clothing that encourages you to buy less, but opt for better quality. It will continue to welcome updated ranges of water-saving, tree-loving, waste-reducing styles that are best for you and the earth. After all, sustainability isn’t a trend; it’s a lifestyle.

Stay tuned for more news and updates on Levi’s® website and check out their sustainable pieces here. You can also follow them on Instagram and Facebook.