These Are All The Memes You Need To Survive Adulting

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Adulting is tough. Good thing we have memes.

Memes are double-edged swords—one moment we laugh about it, the next we’re crying. Okay, maybe not literally but almost. With the natural self-depreciating humor it brings, we just can’t help but relate to any—if not all—of it. Basically, memes are somehow a part of the millennial lifeline. You can’t sit with us if you say “no.” RELATED: In Need Of A Laugh? Follow These Funny Fashion Instagrams And now that we’re in the process of “bill and debt collection” (see also: adulting), they couldn’t have served a better purpose than put ourselves down even more! Millennial adulting culture includes these funny macros that will keep you up at night. You’re welcome. I know we all need a few hours of self-depreciation.

1. How are you?

2. Anytime soon…

3. I put the “pro” in procrastination


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4. Weekly Routine


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5. I can show you the world…

6. Me either…

7. First Bumble message be like…

8. My hand slipped.

9. Shut it


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10. Be careful whatchu wish for