We Wore This Heat-Ready Workout Collection For A Virtual Class And This Is Why It’s Perfect For Home Workouts

Working out at home has never felt this convenient thanks to the newest Heat.RDY collection by adidas that protects fitness enthusiasts from heat in action. 

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Even if it takes a while to get used to doing workouts at home, you should applaud yourselves for actually committing to getting up every day to continue the active lifestyle you once started. Working out calls for full motivation every time and doing it in isolation is something we’re still trying to adapt to. If you’re like us, who finds motivation in heading to the gym to workout, that adrenaline to exercise can sometimes feel lost, now especially. Luckily, we found that dressing up in new workout clothes gives us the same motivation to stay fit.

Additionally, thanks to fitness instructors who represent different studios, we can still be guided on our fitness journey—helping us finish our routines and perfect our postures just like we do in a gym. It also certainly helped that adidas’ newest Heat.RDY Collection prepares us for our uninterrupted fitness goals. 

Launching adidas’ Heat.RDY Collection, we got first dibs on the fitness line and tried it on during our fitness class with Plana FORMA Studio via Zoom.

Featuring tops, shorts, and tights powered by adidas’ Heat.RDY technology, it measures how the human body reacts to different environmental conditions. It regulates body temperature during and after workouts, letting the body breathe through its lightweight fabric. It has intuitive hybrid yarns that dry sweat faster. If you’re engaging with sports that require flexible movements, the Heat.RDY has kinetic seaming and an adaptive fit. 

One class with Plana FORMA guarantees you that your whole body will be worked out from thighs to abs. Especially during high-intensity classes, it’s a must to have proper room ventilation. Since we’re limited to the four corners of our home, and sometimes even low apartment ceilings, it’s important to really wear breathable pieces that’ll protect us from body heat. The Heat.RDY collection is, indeed, perfect to keep you cool and dry even after sweating a lot. Plus, it’s lightweight, allowing you to move undisturbed.

You can shop the Adidas Heat.RDY Collection on their https://www.adidas.com.ph/ or the adidas Viber Store. For more information, you can visit adidas Philippines on Instagram and Facebook.

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