Actual BTS Outfits You Can Get In The Map Of The Soul Pop-Up Store

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Dress like BTS by availing the merch they wore to the Map of the Soul Pop-Up Store opening. Here’s what you can get from our version in Manila.

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The BTS Pop-Up: Map Of The Soul is finally in Manila! Philippine Army get ready to splurge on the best BTS merchandise available in the country. You don’t have to wait for international shipping anymore, because the store is stocked with all the fan merch you’ve been eyeing. More than that, it also has a few pieces that the boys wore themselves. Personally, I’ve been eyeing Jungkook’s Boy With Luv/Fake Love hoodie since he attended the Map Of The Soul Pop-Up in Seoul. So, when I got to the pop-up store I was absolutely thrilled to see it on the stand. The best part is the merch doesn’t stop there. They also feature products from from “Black Swan” and “ON.” That’s why if you have the chance to stop by the BTS Pop-Up: Map Of The Soul in SM Megamall from May 29 to August 29, then make the most out of all your fan girl dreams.

Cop The Look
In the BTS Pop-Up: Map Of The Soul in SM Megamall in Mandaluyong, you’ll find actual pieces that the Bangtan boys wore during the opening of the first pop up in Seoul. Cop the exact looks of BTS!

J-Hope – Black Denim Jacket
Go monochromatic black like J-Hope with the Black Denim Jacket from the pop-up store. You can pair the look with loose slacks, a black knit sweater, and your finest kicks.

Suga – Dark Tie Dye Hoodie
We’re betting our lucky stars that Suga wore the Dark Tie Dye Hoodie to their visit to the pop-up store. From the pattern behind his nape, you can see that the hoodie is similar.

Jungkook – Fake Love/Boy With Luv Hoodie
Everything about this hoodie is absolutely amazing. From the colors to the play on their two hit songs, you could see why Jungkook would sport this hoodie.

Make It Your Own
If you can’t find the exact piece you’re looking for, then make the outfit your own by purchasing similar pieces. This way you wouldn’t have to worry when a particular color you were eyeing goes out of stock.

Jin – DNA Cardigan
Worldwide Handsome, Jin, wore a white cardigan to the pop-up opening. Unfortunately, we didn’t see that cardigan in the store, but we did see a comfy navy blue DNA Cardigan. You can still dress like Jin by pairing your cardigan with a white shirt and some black slacks.

Jimin – Flannel Top
We were hoping that Jimin’s gray flannel would be in the pop-up store, because he looked so cool wearing it. Alas, it was not there. That’s okay though because the store provided us with two flannel tops in yellow and red.

RM – MIC Drop and DNA Hoodie
RM looked like a runway model off duty in the MIC Drop Hoodie, when he visited the pop-up store. Make this look your own by opting for a similar MIC Drop hoodie, but this time in a gray and lilac tone.

V – MIC Drop Cardigan
For the pop-up opening in Seoul, V wore an ‘ON’ cardigan in a khaki color. It’s a good thing our pop-up store provided us with a handful of these, so we’ll be able to recreate this look with a black MIC Drop cardigan. Instead of a monochromatic khaki look, why don’t you try going all black?

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