A True Testament Of Filipino’s Love For LANY At The Malibu World Tour

Witnessing how the fans filled a whole arena like flood, it seems undebatable that Filipinos love LANY!

The most-anticipated sold-out Malibu Tour showcased their latest album “Malibu Nights” which gave us a fresh theme yet a familiar feel since its release last year. With high hopes and new expectations, we are right to trust LANY for a show that was altogether a musical experience and a close-knit bonding.

Off to a hot start with their opening song “Thick and Thin,” they graced the crowd with high energy with the upbeat tune and zestful dances by frontman Paul Klein. Staying faithful to their aesthetic, the stage’s LED screen flashed vivid and bold colors which contributed to a euphoric ambience.

Bringing us back to their early songs, the American indie pop band played “4Ever!” reminding us of the sound we all first fell in love to. For a while, the realization that they travel across the world for all their fans made the song deeply cherished especially when Klein said that “this could potentially be the best night of our lives.” And honestly speaking, we all felt the same.

Back on track, the crowd sang with him when “I Don’t Wanna Love You Anymore” came in and followed by “Taking Me Back” and “Run,”—all from their sophomore album. Breaking the intense sing-along segment, everyone went even more enthusiastic when the trio appeared from the lights and walking into the middle stage, where they performed “13,” a hit from their self-named album “LANY.”

“I’d like to come back for the rest of our lives,” Klein said. How would you expect everyone to answer? Of course, a loud chorus of agreeing screams! Filipinos do indeed love LANY. Their adoration is the fuel for the band to fly half the globe before, now, and in the future.

Hopeful and honest track “If You See Her” continued the concert’s flow. Even some hits from their prior discography made their way into the setlist, such as “Good Girls,” “yea, babe, no way,” “Made in Hollywood,” “Hurts,” “The Breakup,” “pink skies,” “Hericane,” and one of all-time favorites, “Super Far.”

At last, the arena fell into silence when the melancholy piano keys were heard. Everything made rhythm—from a starry night flashed on the giant LED screen accompanied by the lights swayed by the crowd, to the blending voices of thousands singing to the heartbreaking lyrics of “Malibu Nights.”

After a dramatic ending, “Thru These Tears” thundered in and bolted the fans once again to sing and dance. This genuinely proves that LANY’s latest album Malibu Nights is a huge success in the country. However, the ultimate anthem “ILYSB” paved the way for an ecstatic ending with a shower of confetti and a show that’s worth-remembering.

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