A Nostalgic Holiday: Tiffany & Co. Brings Back the Iconic Designs of Andy Warhol
A Nostalgic Holiday: Tiffany & Co. Brings Back the Iconic Designs of Andy Warhol

A Nostalgic Holiday: Tiffany & Co. Brings Back the Iconic Designs of Andy Warhol

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A collaboration from the late ‘50s are brought back to life as Tiffany & Co. released their holiday collection

The holiday season has always been about the hustle and bustle—from people fleeting quickly to finish their long list of Christmas errands to decorations being laid out on the streets that sparkle at night. It’s an indescribable rush that fills the air, but one can’t deny the excitement that comes along with it as it’s the time of the year that never fails to uplift one’s spirit. 

As we are surrounded by the many impressive decor, a nice nostalgic touch can also warm many people’s hearts. Since the festive season is about bringing together family and friends, it can also bring back memories of the past. It’s a moment in Christmas that we get to witness as Tiffany & Co. reintroduces an archive piece with one of the world’s most celebrated artists. 

“This holiday season, we wanted to celebrate Andy Warhol and uplift his connection to Tiffany & Co. by taking inspiration from the iconic greeting cards that he created for our clients in the ’50s and ‘60s.”

Alexandre Arnault, Executive Vice President, Product and Communication

In the late ‘50s, Christmas at Tiffany’s had a special edition line of holiday cards that Andy Warhol himself designed. His signature watercolor style combined with the blotted lines were used as he illustrated designs of birds, stars, shoes, trees and various items that reminds us of the holidays. And every December of the years 1957 to 1962, the holiday cards were lined up at the jeweler’s Fifth Avenue flagship store. 

For this year’s Christmas celebration, Tiffany & Co brought back the iconic designs, but with a modern twist. Shot by Mario Sorrenti, the holiday campaign film was done in New York City with Hailey Bieber as the star. A setting that reminds us of holiday parties, we get to see snippets of the little blue box being passed around, as well as trinkets from the holiday collection. 

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The holiday collection includes a gift-worthy line of products since it consists of tableware pieces, festive tree ornaments, and visually striking playing cards—all decorated with Andy Warhol’s holiday designs from the ‘50s. Beyond the idea of giving, it was a tribute to the artist and its outstanding relationship with Tiffany & Co. 

For a luxurious Christmas treat, visit the newly launched Tiffany & Co. store in Solaire, as well as its flagship store in Greenbelt 3.

Photos from TIFFANY & CO. (via Instagram)

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