A New Look: Kyline Alcantara Is An Ever Bilena Woman  - MEGA
A New Look: Kyline Alcantara Is An Ever Bilena Woman 

A New Look: Kyline Alcantara Is An Ever Bilena Woman 

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Ever Bilena officially announced the “Kambal, Karibal” star as its latest ambassador following their “For Every Beauty” retouch

No brand has a more historic legacy in accessible cosmetic products for Filipinas than Ever Bilena. Formerly raising the slogan: “Where Beauty Begins”,  the Filipino trademark has garnered 38 years of expertise in the industry, as well as a long list of well-acclaimed products under its belt. As the country’s number one makeup brand commits to an inclusivity-focused makeover, Ever Bilena is teaming up with perhaps the most ideal representative of the new generation of Filipina women in Kyline Alcantara. What exciting prospects does Ever Bilena and Kyline have in store? Find out the hottest details of this picture-perfect partnership below. 

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Keeping it real

Ever Bilena broke new barriers in the industry once again in the announcement of the completely-refreshed approach they are taking during the EB New Girl Press Conference last September 16, 2021. Honing in on making their cosmetic offerings accessible, inclusive, and tailored for the modern Filipina, the trademark formally ushered in their brand-new “For Every Beauty” mantra, along with the introduction of the brand’s newest ambassador: rising star Kyline Alcantara. With the cosmetics trademark’s new direction, the brand sees the multi-talented eighteen year-old actress as the perfect embodiment of the traits of the modern Filipina woman: charming, beautiful, hardworking, and authentic to the core.

Meant to be

The versatile actress was thrilled as she took questions regarding her new endeavour with Ever Bilena and indulged in a few sneak peaks regarding the projects she currently has in store. Kyline made no reservations in expressing her gratitude towards Ever Bilena for giving her a platform to motivate young women to stay true in everything that they do, finding that she herself has been able to freely express herself the most whenever she dons her favorite Ever Bilena products on.

“I’m very happy and proud to be a part of Ever Bilena’s family. I hope I inspire people, especially young girls to express themselves, and not let the norm and society dictate how they look. I want to encourage them to have the confidence to show their true beauty, be unique and stay true to who they are,”

Kyline Alcantara on becoming a part of the Ever Bilena family

Speaking of Ever Bilena products, Kyline was delighted to share a bit of backstory, citing her experience with the makeup brand to have gone from way back to her years as a young teenager, explaining that the Ever Bilena Lip and Cheek Stain, the Ever Bilena Absolute Matte Lipstick, the Ever Bilena Matte Two Way Cake, and the Ever Bilena Pro Lash Define Mascara to has always had its place in her set of makeup essentials to this day. In becoming an ambassador, Kyline is ecstatic to truly showcase the best that Ever Bilena’s cosmetics have to offer.

“It is with great pleasure to welcome Kyline as the newest face of Ever Bilena. Together with Kyline and our other endorsers, we hope to inspire and empower   every Filipina by celebrating their true beauty,” shared Denice Sy-Munez, the Ever Bilena Chief of Sales and Marketing.

With the new ambassador also set to join the cast of television series I Left My Heart in Sorsogon, it seems that the sky’s the limit for what Kyline Alcantara can reach. When asked how she will be experimenting with Ever Bilena, the young star was thrilled to take the chance to express herself in new ways such as an eccentric or a drag-inspired look; an opportunity that she can now dare to try with Ever Bilena.

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