All The Details On Heart Evangelista-Escudero’s Universal Beauty Look

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With this month’s dare to dream cover, Heart-Evangelista Escudero shows us that with beauty, no one can ever dull you shine.

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It’s no question that Heart Evangelista-Escudero is a universal beauty. A noteworthy style icon, she also has the wisdom on beauty to match. From her classic everyday makeup of a subtle cat-eye and glowing skin, we all learned a thing or two from her on how to keep it feminine and elegant when it comes to any look.

A reason why it didn’t take much to come up with the ideal beauty direction to match this month’s dreamy cover star. All it needed was a bit more glitter and some high-shine that’s subtle and glamorous just the way she is.

The Spark In Her Eye

A signature look can always help one achieve their dreams and for Heart that means a cat-eye, long lashes, and fresh skin. But when it comes to needing that boost of confidence, you can never go wrong with glitter. Glitter is a light-catcher so that’s why for her cover look, it was all about the eyes. We matched her winged liner with its glitter version underneath by using a prismatic liquid liner and added mirror-esque sequins at the bottom of the lashes. This opened up her eyes, and provided a clean contrast to the black classic flick. 

A Trip To The Milkyway

Taking inspiration from the beauty of stars and space, we captured their shine through a high translucent silver and opalescent highlight on the high points of her face. This then blends into a barely-there illusion of the light contouring done with a nude blush and bronzer.

Chasing Stars

White-gold shimmers were used on her lids to achieve consistency and bring the glitter liner to a whole without overdoing it. While for the lips, we kept it simple and nude. A gloss was then added on top to reflect the shine on the rest of her face when the lights hits her just right.