A Healthy Kind of Beaut-E is Within Your Reach

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Myra E elevates the standard of beauty with #BeautEwithEmmunity

It’s inevitable that our priorities have greatly adjusted given the drastic change we went through, and are still going through, within the past year. Even though there are some who think lightly of self-care, it actually is incredibly important for a lot of people. This is why a great number of women, especially millennials, have stepped up their self-care routines in terms of health and beauty. Women are persistent in discovering the best and most effective routine that completely fits their daily activities in order to look and feel their best inside and out, which is what Myra E aims to help with through the Vitamin E-infused capsule.

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Beautifully healthy all around

Considered as a daily vitamin that is made out of pure Vitamin E, this Myra E capsule is every woman’s partner in powering through their day to day lives. It strengthens the body’s immune system as well as protects cells from experiencing any type of damage that may be caused by a mix of stress, pollution, and other environmental factors. Apart from that, this powerful antioxidant also promotes cell and tissue renewal, and contributes to the regulation of collagen. All these benefits not only make women proudly embrace their revamped lifestyle, but also their healthier, stronger, and more beautiful bodies.

Women like Angel Dei, Michelle Dy, Cha Ocampo, and Dennise Lazaro have discovered that being physically beautiful is not enough. Taking care of our health is as significant as taking care of our physical features. This is why, according to Dei, “It’s really important for us to maintain good health,” which she does with Myra E to improve not just her skin, but her immunity as well. Dy also aims to have an even better summer by having both a strong immune system and glowing skin through Myra E. The same goes for Ocampo who started taking Myra E when she was only 18 years of age, which was also when she started receiving compliments abut her skin’s natural glow. Meanwhile, Lazaro, who was never really into supplements in the first place, finally gave Myra E a shot and doesn’t regret it one bit. The former Lady Eagle even added, “not only has my skin looked better, [but it also] provides me with antioxidants my body needs to boost my immunity!”

To turn your self-care routine into an even healthier one with a piece, box, or bottle of Myra E, visit Lazada, Shopee, or any of the leading drugstores nationwide.