A Different Kind Of Ball Game: Top 10 Best Dressed NBA Players

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These 10 Best Dressed NBA stars know how to turn up a look even with a face mask on. As the season ends, we look back at the best outfits. Can you spot your favorite player?

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It’s been a tough year for the NBA. First, the games were postponed due to the pandemic. Second, numerous players tested positive for COVID-19. Third, there are no fans in the stands as Miami Heat and the Los Angeles Lakers duke it out for the NBA Finals. On the other hand of all this madness, the NBA fashion scene has really stepped up. Younger players have started to carve their own sense of style in the system. As a result, NBA fashion has become more socially aware, inclusive, and creative. That’s why we wanted to showcase these fire fits from the best dressed NBA players of the season.

James Harden — Houston Rockets

Number 13 for the Houston Rockets, James Harden, earns his spot in the title by being a trend-setter. Along with other NBA players, Harden has brought vintage t-shirts back on trend.

Tyler Herro — Miami Heat

Going for many wins this season, Tyler Herro of The Heat shows his Miami pride by wearing looks that pay homage to the great city. Think bold accessories, pinks, and colorful button down shirts.

Shai Gilgeous-Alexander — Oklahoma Thunder

“Don’t mind my drip,” captions the NBA star, Shai Gilgeous-Alexander in a recent post. This Oklahoma City Point Guard is not afraid to experiment with colors and new silhouettes.

Russell Westbrook — Houston Rockets

A style juggernaut through and through, Russell Westbrook is anything but ordinary. The NBA player has worn cropped tops, psychedelic hoodies, and a whole lot more. ‘Cause WHY NOT?

P.J. Tucker — Houston Rockets

P.J. Tucker of the Houston Rockets is a style icon. Some of the NBA players on this list have even regrammed his looks on their feed. He’s got the drip flowing with designer brands and sought-after kicks.

Kyle Kuzma — Los Angeles Lakers

Kyle Kuzma is the Los Angeles Laker’s streetwear god. In between games, you can expect to spot this NBA player in eccentric new looks with his supermodel girlfriend, Winnie Harlow.

Nick Young — Former Los Angeles Lakers

Nick Young, or “Swaggy P,” as we all know him, may not be a player this year, but he sure is a relevant one. Remember that Instagram stint he did with the Lakers earlier this year? Damn, time flies. Well, the man be turning up looks since then.

Kelly Oubre Jr. — Phoenix Suns

Kelly Oubre Jr. sure knows how to shake up a look. Mr. Number 3 of the Phoenix Suns is not afraid to make a statement with stacked jewelry, mini bags, and a colorful wardrobe.

D’Angelo Russell — Minnesota Timberwolves

The Minnesota Timberwolves’ got a streetwear star in D’Angelo Russell. The NBA Player is known for his comfy high-end fits that everyone’s oohing and eyeing.

Chris Paul — Oklahoma Thunder

Chris Paul from The Thunder flexes his drip subtly through his usual casual fits. Make no mistake, this NBA player’s choice of garments and kicks are all in good taste.