A Daring Adventure: TUDOR Ranger Pays Homage to Their Rich Heritage

A Daring Adventure: TUDOR Ranger Pays Homage to Their Rich Heritage

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More than providing high-quality timepieces for their consumers, TUDOR’s newest collection Ranger celebrates an unforgettable chapter in the company’s history

Popular watch brand TUDOR is marking the 70th anniversary of the British North Greenland Expedition by releasing the Ranger model. Housed in a case that is 39mm in diameter, TUDOR Ranger contains the Manufacture Caliber MT5402, a clasp that incorporates a mechanism for quick adjustment, and some traditional references. In honor of the momentous occasion in the brand’s history, the Ranger collection showcases the perfect blend of modern watchmaking technology and classic design elements.

The collection’s fascinating past

TUDOR Ranger

The British North Greenland Expedition set off from London’s Deptford on July 8, 1952, with the intention of spending the next two years doing scientific study on the ice sheets of Greenland. TUDOR’s first watch, the Oyster Prince, was worn by the British scientists and sailors on the expedition. They carried out detailed glaciological and seismic studies at different locations. They were tasked by TUDOR to collect performance data and provide feedback on these  watches designed to withstand the most demanding environments.

One of the expedition members sent a letter to TUDOR, which is now archived by the company, and said that his watch “maintained remarkable precision” and that “at no time did it need to be rewound by hand.” The heritage of an expedition watch is preserved by TUDOR’s commitment to being the industry leader in its category.

An epitome of sporty sophistication

The new Ranger model has been updated with cutting-edge watch features, but it nevertheless adheres to the high aesthetic standards that have been established over the years. For example, the dial still has Arabic numerals at 3, 6, 9, and 12 o’clock. The Ranger has a satin-brushed surface, which results in an overall matte finish. Certain parts, like the inner edge of the bezel, are also polished to bolster the case’s contours and the dial’s hour markings were luminously painted, too, to reflect their historic significance.

TUDOR Ranger

TUDOR’s fabric strap option for their Ranger model is an olive green bracelet with two red stripes, as well as a beige stripe woven by craftsmen. It is also offered in a fully satin-brushed steel bracelet and in natural rubber and fabric-like textured black leather with beige topstitching. These options are a great boon, especially for guys who have a broad range of pursuits. Whether you’re headed to a game or a romantic evening out, the Ranger model has you covered. 

Built to last a long time

TUDOR Ranger

Ever since its founding, TUDOR has adhered to the guiding notion that strength must be at the company’s center. Prioritizing technical competence under demanding circumstances above aesthetics was a constant theme for them. It is a point of pride in the company that the Ranger has the Manufacture Calibre MT5402, which ensures durability, accuracy, and precision. The Official Swiss Chronometer Testing Institute (COSC) has certified the Manufacture Calibre MT5402 as a chronometer due to its superior performance.

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