A Beginner’s Guide To Starting Your Own Indoor Garden

Filling our surroundings with verdant greens turn our space into a more breathable environment. More than a mere hobby, gardening can be infinitely rewarding, too. 

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Many of us, including celebrities and influencers, have cultivated a knack for gardening over the course of quarantine. As we can see right now, it has done nothing but transform spaces and impact lives positively. During our bouts with the cabin fever-inducing stay-at-home blues, where we barely made personal connection with our friends, our attention was diverted to keeping ourselves busy and igniting possible interactions with different indoor activities, like gardening. As what we might have thought to be a very complicated and perplexing task, gardening is a skill that could naturally flow out from any of us. Whether it’s a vegetable, herb, or a fruit garden, the real question is: how do we begin curating and growing our own indoor garden, and ultimately earning that sought after green thumb of approval.

Prepare The Perfect Indoor Spot

Finding the area that receives the most sunlight doesn’t quite get the job done. Much will still depend on which plant you plan to grow. Ideally, placing them beside a window for direct sunlight can help your plants. When purchasing a plant, we highly suggest to ask the gardener for the plant’s basic sunlight requirements to provide them with the adequate amount of sunlight exposure it needs. While some who are left with no choice stick with incandescent, fluorescent, HID, and LED lights, these light-providing equipment are definitely not recommended.

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Remember how some people would remind us to talk to our plants? Well, then and now, that seems to be still an effective way to help them grow quickly aside from providing them with enough sunlight and water to undergo photosynthesis. They are living things, too, and giving them a pep talk every morning can benefit their growth. As odd and curious as it may seem, it works both ways, serving as a releasing form of therapy for you as well.

Which Plants Should I Get?

You have to decide on which plants you opt to have in your home. Is it the edible ones? The low-maintenance or the high-maintenance kind? To kickstart your gardening journey, we suggest to go for potted indoor plants. From easy to intermediate care levels, you’ll surely adore watching these greens sprout. If you’re quite the busy type and prefer the low-maintenance type of plants, you can have potted succulents on your desk table or in any corners of your house. Some of the best succulents that requires light soil to grow are Aloe Vera, Echeveria, and Crown of Thorns. A beautiful focal point in your living room could be Coffee plant and Split Leaf Philodendrons.

Edible plants are also a good option if you want something to harvest while looking after them. You can start with Mandarin oranges, lemons, and tomatoes. While cactus and jade plants won’t require much attention, plants like Bird of Paradise, Air plants, Yucca Cane plants and more needs an intermediate care level.

Where Can I Buy Plants Online?

If you’re ready to spark your productivity, mindfulness, and ease, here’s where you can order your potted plants online. Stay in your house, prepare the perfect spot for your indoor garden, slide into the DMs of these online shops, and let these plants find its way to your home.

Happy Plant Co.

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Fern MNL

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Nest Plant Studio

indoor garden
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Spruce Plant Shop

indoor garden
Photo from @spruceplantshop on Instagram

Fresh Spaces MNL

indoor garden
Photo from @freshspacesmnl on Instagram
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