8 Times Maymay Nailed a Princess Look

Maymay Entrata is certainly living a fairytale right now; from her loyal band of followers, to her handsome prince and all the glorious clothes, the young princess has got it all. But what we especially love is how this beautiful morena has got looking regal down pat. From rose red lips, long romantic hair and eyes that mesmerize, Maymay proves she’s real-life royalty:

Belle of the Ball

Against the snow and ice, Maymay’s beauty look, courtesy of makeup artist extraordinaire Owen Sarmiento positively sang. Her luminous skin gave her an ethereal glow, and all she needed was the barest hint of a berry-stained blush and lip. A loose, half-up, half-down hairstyle completed her transformation into one of our favorite heroines.

Apple of Our Eye 

Yes, Snow White was known for her pale skin, but who says only mestizas can play the role? Here, we completely fell in love with Maymay’s rouged up cheeks and gently tousled hair. “In the winter setting, I just wanted Maymay’s skin to look hydrated, healthy and flushed,” says Sarmiento. As for looking spellbinding? That’s Maymay’s magic.

Kiss the Girl 

While we can’t imagine Edward Barber looking anything less than princely, much less a frog, here we only have eyes for Maymay. She dressed up her pared down beauty look with a jeweled barrette—one of the hottest hair accessories this season.

Open Your Eyes 

The tale of the little mermaid is a favorite among MEGA staffers and here,  Maymay is positively regal thanks to her slicked back hair and bold brows. “I didn’t want to cover [Maymay] with a lot of makeup. I wanted everyone to see her as she is to recognize that it’s her face, because she’s beautiful,” says Sarmiento.

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Pixie Magic 

We would like whatever she’s having please. Maymay was wise not to compete with this pale lavender feather, tulle and crystal-encrusted creation. Here, hairstylist John Valle kept Maymay’s hair straight and away from her face, a wise choice because it keeps her looking young yet oh so chic.


“I was so cold so I relied really prepping the face with tons of moisturizer. Very minimal foundation was used, and only as concealer in the middle of the face,” says Sarmiento. To channel the spirit of the Native American princess Pocahontas in the middle of Germany’s winter was a walk in the park (or the riverbend) for Maymay. Focus on getting gleaming skin and highlight the eyes with the barest touch of liner, mascara and champagne eye shadow.

Sleeping Beauty 

Aurora’s color-changing gown from the Disney film is iconic, and here Maymay brings it to new heights with a rosy mouth and voluminous, curly hair. Do as Valle did in and comb through the curls before they set, loosening them up and keeping them firmly in this era.


There were audible gasps when this photo was flashed during the #MakingMEGA in Germany screening and for good reason. Maymay positively glowed in her Cinderalla gown, dancing past midnight. When wearing a gown that is as breathtaking as this, Maymay wisely took her beauty look down a notch, so as not to compete with it. Shake your hair loose and tap on creamy highlighter along the high points of the face and all exposed skin. If there was any doubt that Maymay wasn’t living out her wildest daydreams, here is proof that it’s all real and that Maymay Entrata is the genuine thing—a real life princess.

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