The ‘70s Are Alive Again in the TommyXZendaya Collection

The ‘70s were one of the greatest years in fashion. Earth tones, high-waisted jeans, bell-bottom pants, fringes, kaleidoscopic patterns, and disco and hippy styles were prominent in this era. It was a time when fashion took the world by storm—and it’s now making a big comeback.

Marrying the taste of the ‘70s with contemporary touches is the new TommyXZendaya collection. This collaboration is the latest between global fashion brand Tommy Hilfiger and international star Zendaya for Spring 2019. The TommyXZendaya collection is a celebration of strong, iconic women of the ‘70s, and heralding the Battle of Versailles fashion show that took place that time.

Each item of clothing exudes a confident charisma accompanied by structured silhouettes reminiscent of the ‘70s. From apparel and accessories to swimwear and underwear, the collection embraces the nostalgia of the past while looking ahead to the future. TommyXZendaya also fuses Zendaya’s unique and confident sense of style with Tommy’s classic American cool DNA.

Highlights from the ‘70s were seamlessly blended with a modern laidback look. Psychedelic prints and sexy cut-outs meet iconic tees and oversized coats. High-waisted jeans and suits are elevated in a rich cream, navy, burgundy and Cabernet red color palette with “Z” and “T” embroidery. Rainbow stripes and multicolored zodiac-inspired prints add a playful edge to the collection which ranges from feminine full-length wrap dresses to luxurious satin shirts. The timeless tailored suit is updated with a modern twist, featuring wide-leg pants and narrow waist blazers reimagined in Cabernet red and cream plaid.
Bring back the stunning styles of the ‘70s and mix it with contemporary classics with the TommyXZendaya collection. Get your hands on the fresh pieces at Tommy Hilfiger stores and at

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