6 Holy Week Resolutions You Should Continue When It’s Over

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The holy week break is a great time to self-reflect and start committing to life resolutions that will benefit us in the long run. 

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One of many Christian traditions that are practiced over Lent is the act of “giving up” an aspect of their life for penance. But if you’re not keen on fasting like I am, there are still other ways to make a change in your life that will serve a greater purpose, these are Holy Week resolutions as many would call it. No mattter where you are on the spectrum of being a religious follower, the idea of tying your resolution to a higher power is honestly a good motivator and because technically you only have to practice it for just a couple of days, the commitment doesn’t come with much pressure.

With vacation flights and out-of-town road trips canceled during this Holy Week break, take the time to commit to these Holy Week resolutions that you can continue even when the Lenten season is over.

The Vices To Give Up

Prioritizing Social Media 

Admit it or not, our phone is the first thing we check in the morning. The constant dings that we wake up to sets us in autopilot mode to scroll endlessly through Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter for hours. Although it does help to keep us informed about the current news, we need to find a balance so it doesn’t negatively affect our mental health. If you’ve been feeling constantly anxious consider a social media cleanse these next few days. With the ongoing pandemic and the frustration it brings among other things, unplugging yourself from the rest of the world can help you connect with your inner self to sort things out. This will help you return to a much better state that benefits you and the social world.

Needing To Work At All Times

The work-from-home setup has constantly pushed our boundaries to the extent where our bedrooms are no longer a place of rest. As someone who constantly feels like she needs to be productive, I find rest as equally stressful. That’s why this holy week I’ll be resetting my mindset and putting a boundary between being productive for myself and working until toxic hours. To achieve this, one can stop constantly checking e-mails, saying “no” when valid, and even break the habit of working in bed. 

Being Apolitical 

Defined by Merriam-Webster, being apolitical means having no interest or involvement in political affairs. So, if you’re neutral towards government action, you’d be classified as apolitical. It’s a personal choice to be so but as we live through the worst that our country has ever experienced: a relentless surge of COVID-19 cases, social unrest, and on top of that, the national elections coming in the next year. (p.s. if you haven’t registered, here’s your reminder) being apolitical now is a privilege. More than half our country is still suffering, some more than others, so I encourage everyone to stay informed, use your voice and practice your rights to make a change.

The Resolutions To Keep

Protect Your Energy

Friendships are crucial to survive coronavirus isolation but keeping in touch can also be emotionally and mentally draining. These coming days, avoid confusing your free time to availability because from the accumulated stress we’ve all been experiencing, sometimes even the pressure of trying to keep up a conversation is bad for us. Resolve this by choosing who to spend your precious energy on. Don’t feel like you need to reply immediately to everyone who chats you up on social media. 

Support Local

We’ve all suffered through this pandemic together and across the country, small businesses have been forced to lay off employees or even close their doors in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic. This means the lives and wellbeing of our own neighbors are on the line. Instead of ordering from big chain restaurants, try calling into homegrown small shops and opt for locally-sourced products instead. From fashion, beauty, and daily essentials, there’s a a plethora of choices within our local market. Even giving a nice tip to the delivery kuyas and ates when your online order arrives already makes a huge difference. Supporting local can also sometimes come with a higher price tag, but helping out your fellow kababayans is all worth it and important during this difficult time.

Get Better Sleep 

Sleep insomnia is quite often these days, that’s why this holy week vow to develop a better sleep routine that’s about quality and not quantity. Getting quality z’s means you wake up full of energy, refreshed, and you’re ready to begin a new day. So go ahead, set some mood lighting, light up a lavender-scented candle, and get into some silky pajamas to wind down each night.