5 Ways To Look Stylish With These Flatform Sandals
5 Ways To Look Stylish With These Flatform Sandals

5 Ways To Look Stylish With These Flatform Sandals

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Don’t you think it’s time to stop relying on your white sneakers or your nude flats? Flatform sandals are here and it’s the next thing you need to store in your closet.

Sometimes, it already gets a little uncomfortable and tiring after a whole week of wearing heeled or closed shoes. While it’s absolutely understandable, why don’t you switch your go-to sneakers with a pair flatform sandals that can instantly upgrade your look, especially on a weekend or your upcoming long weekend escapade.

Peppering all over the runways (see Michael Kors and Lonard) and retail brands, flatform sandals have gained serious fashion cred, graduating from quirky statement to I-need-to-own-a-pair-or-two. Or three. And we see why it’s becoming a big hit among the fashionphiles. It’s sensible, it’s functional, and it adds a couple of inches of height minus the strain of the heeled variety.

If you see it as something very casual and edgy, don’t worry. We got you ideas on how you can still look stylish and femme with these flatform sandals.

Basic tee + maxi skirt

For this look, try on Midform Universal Geometric Sandals from Teva.

1. Supima Cotton Crewneck Shortsleeve T-Shirt by UNIQLO 2. Kenya Long Woven Skirt by Wear Kris 3. Midform Universal Geometric by Teva

Mid length dress

Elevate your look with Mar Sandal from Melissa.

1. Mar Sandal by Melissa 2. Black airy tunic by H&M

Active tee + jogging trousers

Amp up your sportswear with Puma Platform Sandal.

1. Dry Ex-printed Short Sleeve Crewneck T-shirt by UNIQLO 2. Jogging trousers by Mango 3. Platform Women’s Sandals by Puma


Balance out your casual romper with 24mm Sporty Sandals from Ramir.

1. Cotton Jumpsuit by H&M 2. Sporty Sandals in Mango by Ramir

Basic tee + trousers

Keep it formal and try on Miku Sport flatform sandals from United Nude.

1. Oversized BB Balenciaga T-Shirt 2. Straight long pants by Mango 3. Miku Sport Black by United Nude

Now, have you thought of getting one? Since there are a million ways to style it, you can now opt for a cozy get up just so you have a whole day full of errands.