5 Tips From Pia Wurtzbach For Aspiring Influencers This Women's Day
5 Tips From Pia Wurtzbach For Aspiring Influencers This Women’s Day

5 Tips From Pia Wurtzbach For Aspiring Influencers This Women’s Day

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Pia Wurtzbach shares to us five social media tips to aspiring influencers from her Facebook live with ACE videos and WWF.

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Last Saturday, ACE Videos hosted a Facebook live with media panelists and guest star, Pia Wurtzbach. The former Ms. Universe shared her advocacy with ACE and WWF to her fans watching the livestream. She also touches on topics regarding her love life and women empowerment. Fortunately, we were able to catch the beauty queen for a quick interview. We asked her about social media responsibility, influencers, Women’s Month, and mental health. In our interview, we were able to take away five essential tips for aspiring social media influencers. This is how you can gain popularity responsibly online in the words of former Ms. Universe 2015, Pia Wurtzbach.

Pinpoint what you’re really passionate about and what you want to focus on.

Finding your niche is one of the most important things to consider when becoming an online personality. Pia even adds, “Find what’s personal to you and what you would really enjoy. Because, you won’t be able to sustain something for the long run, if it’s made up– If it’s not personal to you.” There’s a lot of truth behind her sentiments and Pia backs this up through action. She has never gotten involved in something she never genuinely enjoyed, thus she was able to stay in the industry for a long time.

Try not to compare yourself to your friends.

“Alam mo yung social media kasi it can become really toxic, because you try to compare yourself with other people. You feel like you’re not enough. You think, How come siya ang dami na niyang nagawa? Dami na niyang na-achieve. How come I’m not able to do that?”, reflects the former Ms. Universe. There has been multiple studies on social comparison through social media. Newport Academy reports, “Social media magnifies the negative impact of social comparison for teens. That’s because they compare themselves to carefully curated images of their peers.”

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One thing that we could be doing is just lifting each other up and supporting each other.

Today, on Women’s Day, it’s important to practice empowerment. Pia touches on this topic by saying, “During this time especially that a lot of us are still keeping ourselves safe indoors. You’ll never really know through a picture on social media if that person is going through something or not.” There’s so much truth to that. Now that we’re all staying in, we can’t all live the lives we see from influencers who travel for work during the pandemic. Nobody should put pressure on themselves, especially during a time of crisis. There will be a time for everything.

Be nice to everyone.

“One more thing that I think really helps also is just be nice to everyone,” says Pia when asked about tips on working in the industry. If there’s one thing we can all agree on, it’s that Pia’s fame never went to her head throughout her entire career. Her humble beginnings has helped her reach a level of mindfulness to everyone she interacts with. Anyone who wants to take after the former Ms. Universe, has to take note of the golden rule: Be nice.

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Offer your time and offer your ear to somebody.

“Of course we try to put our best face forward online. Pero, a smile won’t really say the truth. How they’re really feeling. So, how bout a kamusta? How bout asking your friends how they’re doing? Like, really asking. Hindi yung, “Uy! Ano yung chika?” ‘Di yung ganun lang ah. Dapat kung, “Kamusta ka na? Okay ka lang ba? Do you wanna talk?””, advises Pia on catching up with online friends. Maybe, it is about time to go beyond a like or a story reaction. Let’s reconnect with our friends and lend an ear to them. We never know what happens to them offline. It’s always better to make it known that you’re there for them.

If you’d like to watch the full video from ACE videos, then you can watch it here. ACE Video is a digital platform where fans can book a personalized video message from Celebrities, Musicians, Sports Stars, Influencers and Business Leaders. All proceeds from Pia Wurtzbach’s bookings will be given to the World Wildlife Fund.