5 Times Park Seo Jun Proves He’s A Fashion Chameleon—Literally

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Park Seo Jun surely knows how to throw a good fit—sometimes even camouflaging with his background like a real chameleon.

Making the women swoon over his good looks has been effortless for Park Seo Jun. Whether he’s starring in a KDrama series, attending a red carpet, or simply posting a photo on his Instagram, ladies just melt whenever they see him.

So, perhaps it’s safe to say that men would aspire to be everyone’s sought-after K-Oppa. While we won’t be able to be as good-looking as him, we can try our best to be as fashionable as him.

Upon looking at the wardrobe choices of Park Seo Jun, we noticed that he has this unintentional sartorial behavior of dressing up and striking a pose with the same hue or pattern seen in his background.

Now whether it’s intentional or not, all we can say is he’s really such a goofy guy who just wants to have fun and express himself through his style. After all, that’s what fashion is all about. Hence, here are five times we spotted him being a fashion chameleon—literally.

Michelin Man

While Bibendum, or widely known as the Michelin Man, is an all-white tyre man, it seems like Park Seo Jun is channeling the mascot but in its counterpart. The dashing Oppa wore a black puffer jacket which apparently matched the black sofa he was sitting. It was so accurate to the extent that the width of each puffed layer was exactly the same as seen from the upholstered seat.

Half and Half

Park Seo Jun Fashion

While oversized coats are usually unattractive to almost everyone, this K-Oppa surely doesn’t look hideous at all. And regardless if he’s somewhat camouflaging with the wall paint behind, he still looks adorable. Plus, we can’t deny the fact that his clean-cut definitely suits him.

Splash Island

Whenever we see a really good work of art, we never fail to make a second glance. And much like that, when we saw this photo of PSJ on Instagram, we had to look twice if he was part of the photo or not simply because his splashed-painted shirt made his head seem floating already. But come to think of it, PSJ sure is God’s fine work of art.

White on White

Park Seo Jun Fashion

They say that in order for your artwork to stand out is to mix and match various colors. But if you’re opting for a monochromatic creation, textures are the way to go. So, that’s exactly what Park Seo Jun did here—he wore a crew neck shirt while a textured abstract tile wall complements his entire Instagram photo.

Grey Matter

We all love a good ol’ mirror selfie and so does Park Seo Jun, whom we see once more chooses the same wall paint as his look’s palette. But more than that, he proves that he’s a true fashion chameleon upon seeing this street-ready ensemble he pulled-off. That’s because it only shows that not only can he look dapper in suits but he can also be cool and bold trying unconventional styles.