There Are Only 5 Things You Need To Consider Before Dyeing Your Hair

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You wouldn’t want your hair to die in the process of dyeing!

There is nothing wrong with getting a new ‘do. In fact, it could make you feel like a brand new person. It could ultimately boost your confidence—and we’re totally for it. From getting a trim to changing our hair colors, a brand new look can do actual wonders. But you don’t have to risk your hair’s health, especially when dyeing it to a different color.
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You might think that dyeing your hair can easily be done without any repercussion. But that isn’t always the case. There will be times when we don’t achieve the hair color we want. Or we find ourselves mourning over our dead and dry hair. And we don’t want that to happen to you. So we put together a list of things to consider that would help you make sure your hair stays happy and healthy as you are when you get the color you want!

Picking The Right Color

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One of the risks of changing your hair color is deciding whether or not the color you want looks good on you. So in picking the right colors, it is always best to choose something that would easily transition to your hair’s natural shades. But if you really want to rock an electric blue or lime green, you do you! But make sure you’re getting high-quality permanent hair dye that won’t fail you in the future!

Going Pro

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Doing the process on your own versus letting a professional do it for you have bigger differences than we think. Professional colorists know exactly what to do to protect your hair in the process. They do a great job at making your dye look seamless and natural. Not to mention, they can give you pro advice in picking the right color and shade that would work best for you!

(You Can) Skip The Ammonia

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If you don’t know it yet, ammonia-free bleach and permanent dyes exist. Ammonia is the ingredient that breaks down the strands of your hair allowing the color to penetrate on each strand. And yes, it’s the very reason why your hair is dead and dry after getting it dyed. That’s why Lakmē came up with ammonia-free bleach and permanent hair color that will keep your ‘do healthy no matter the color you want to achieve!

After-Dye Hair Care

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Keeping your new hair color on point can be a hassle. Not every commercial shampoo and conditioner do as they promised to protect the color of your hair. So it’s always best to invest in products that actually work to lock in the new colors of your hair. In a line of products that will protect your hair no matter what color it’s been treated with, Lakmē would be your best friend days (or even weeks) after the treatment!

Washed Off Color

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We all get a little concerned about the color that literally gets washed off whenever we take a bath. And it’s not fun to see all of it go down the drain just about a few days after the treatment. Using the right color treatment and maintenance truly changes the game. Plus, hiring a good colorist will tell you exactly how your hair would look like when the color starts to wash off!

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