5 Style Trends You Should Try Now As Seen On Bridgerton

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Channel the pure sophistication and try these modern iterations of style trends we spotted on the Netflix hit, Bridgerton.

We’ve seen how Netflix has impeccably garbed their characters—from The Crown’s latest season to The Queen’s Gambit—proving that their most recent releases didn’t fail to live up to our expectations. Following the success of it, the costume department of the newly launched Bridgerton continued the momentum as it showcased to us the true meaning of regal.

As it brings the British Regency Era into the fashion scene, we’re seeing the relatively simple and classic styles trying to get back to our list of must-haves. While we see such voluminous pieces and long dresses majority of the time while binge-watching Bridgerton, those aren’t the trends we’re pointing out. We’re talking about the micro-trends that we can incorporate into our modern-day wardrobe. Here are five trends you should try now as we enter a whole new year.



Feathers have been one of the biggest trends in the past few years, and it looks like it’s still here to stay. In the first episode alone, feathers played a crucial role when it comes to fashion when the ladies were being presented to Her Majesty, The Queen. While we don’t want anyone to look like a peacock in this day and age, we suggest trying fits that have ostrich feather embellishments.

Garden of Eden

Florals have been a quintessential trend during spring and summer for good reason. Who would want to exude dull energy with dark neutral hues, right? So, be like the Featheringtons who always wear bright and happy colors. Come to think of it, it’s the vibe we all need this 2021.

Pastel Skies

A Bridgerton is known for donning pastel colors, specifically the hue of blue. We’ve seen how light-colored ensembles easily complemented the skin of Daphne. It just has this pure, innocent aura that it conveys when a young lady wears this color. In addition to that, this cotton candy trend has this sweetness evocative of royalty.

Touch Me Not


As we entered a whole new decade, we also left some of the trends of the past. Although this may be, we’re revisiting a good ol’ classy trend: gloves. Now, we don’t want to see anybody wearing satin gloves in the streets. But in case you’re visiting a country famed for its cold climate, we suggest wearing oversized gloves like that of Givenchy.

Corsetted Days

Unlike the corsets in the 19th century wherein women were sucking in all of their fats just to perfect the hourglass figure, corsets today won’t give you the risk of fainting (like what happened to the Featherington girl). It’s simply all about accentuating your figure a little bit, to highlight the silhouette of your dress even more. Oh, and corsets are now worn on the outside in case you’re not aware.