5 Sneaker Trends Of 2021: The Best Kicks To Wear In Town Now

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As we put our best foot forward and start our year right, we also deserve a fresh new pair of kicks. 

2020 was a year where we spent most of our lives in the comfort of our own homes. But as we finally entered a whole new year (which hopefully would be better), we’re trying to get back our old lives—slowly and surely. As there are two new reliable vaccines that have an efficacy of 95 percent, we’re really optimistic that we can start going around the metro to go on with our daily errands like we used to.

With that said, perhaps it’s safe to assume that it’s high time for us to go focus back on our sartorial choices. And what better way than getting yourself a fresh new pair of sneakers. Since we know you might not have been updated with the sneaker trends (simply because we don’t go out that often anymore), we took the liberty to zero in on all of the trends that will surely be in the spotlight this season.

Retro Style

Retro-inspired sneaks surely dominated the market—from your favorite sports shoe brand like New Balance or Nike to designer shoes like TODs and Gucci. Now, we really believe this momentum will still keep on going and maintain being amongst the most-loved aesthetic for sneakers.

Sleek High Tops

High tops are such a classic sneaker and would always keep on coming back. But it was when Dior released their uber-gorgeous B23 high tops accented with its iconic oblique canvas that surely made this trend to be worth splurging for. Another notable high-top sneakers that will catch the attention of many upon wearing will be the ones by Off-White.

Color Blocking

We can all agree that 2020 was definitely not the happiest year of our lives. All of us were so limited with the things that we can do due to various levels of lockdown. So this 2021, it’s only fitting for us to wear a look that’s evocative of the right positive mindset, which you can do by opting for colorful sneakers.

Chunky Platforms

Many designers and style savants were bidding farewell to the dad sneakers back in 2020. While this may be, chunky platforms are still going strong in the market. Apparently, we’re still seeing people splurging on this trend, so perhaps we can give it a go for one last year. This time, try something new like the Reebok x Pyer Moss leather sneakers.

Gone Sporty

Comfort has been the zeitgeist of 2020, which continues to this year. We started becoming more conscious of investing in pieces wherein our health will be prioritized. And in terms of the shoe department, trainers are very well our best bet who can give that to us. So, start using your trainers even if you’re not heading to the gym. Don’t worry, it’s really easy to style it—wear it with jeans, joggers, or wide pants.