5 Skincare Trends That Caught Our Attention In 2020

We’re covering every skincare buzz that has made waves this year, and the brands that do them best.

The days dawdle on, one after the other, in a seemingly endless loop as we continue to settle in our homes. The break from outdoor pollution has given our skin time to breathe, and allowed us to shift our focus to skincare products instead of makeup products. We’ve grown meticulous with our skincare needs, and from this arose a handful of trends led by a select few of outstanding brands. These brands’ specialties have strongly resonated with what ladies need for their skin, and have earned spots on our list:

Ageless skin

It’s one thing to judge a person’s maturity based on their appearance, and it’s another to be kept guessing on their real age as it doesn’t reflect outwardly. This ageless beauty is something most women, if not all attain to have. And it started in the world’s capital for skincare: Korea. More than being the home to all of our K-drama idols and K-pop biases, Korea is the leader of this beauty trend. One of the most prominent brands is Sulwhasoo. Owing its legacy to the humble yet potent Korean ginseng, Sulwhasoo has forever changed the anti-aging game and evidently won the race of skin against time.

Sustainable beauty

Beauty shouldn’t only linger on the surface; it should also be practiced substantially. With the rise of demand in skincare products, so too does the number of jars and bottles that contain them. Eco-consciousness is a big factor that consumers look for when choosing skincare products, and Glow Recipe and REN Clean Skincare are certainly on top of their list. The iconic silhouettes of Glow Recipe products and the refreshing design on REN Clean Skincare labels go beyond aesthetics: they’re kind to the planet too. Glow Recipe has made their packaging 100% recyclable, while REN Clean Skincare has bottles made with ocean plastic, tubes made from post-consumer-recycled plastic, and every vessel designed for circular recycling. 

Clean and vegan

More and more people are becoming aware of what products they put on their skin and where the ingredients are sourced from. Instead of opting for chemicals and artificial concoctions, we embrace naturally-grown and ethically-sourced ingredients. Such is the power of veganism and clean beauty. With these influences, Fenty Skin, Summer Fridays, Versed, and Herbivore have made it a point to use only vegan-friendly ingredients and advocate clean beauty. These brands are devoted to delivering the best products your skin will love and the Earth will thank you for. 

Glass, glimmer, and glow

The glass skin trend is far from fading. On the contrary, it can already be considered as the classic look that we all aim for. From sloughing off the dead skin in order to reveal a shiny new surface, to putting the right products that will nourish your skin, getting that natural glow is hard work, but it’s made easy by Frank Body, Laneige, and Primera. The Australian-made Frank Body has made waves with its enticing and rave-worthy coffee scrubs. Pair this with the two brands hailing from the land of skincare, and you’d be on your way to copping a gleaming complexion that no Instagram filter can imitate.


Our skin is special: it’s unique from every other person’s and reacts differently to substances. Others’ holy grail products might be an epic fail for you, so a tailored skincare regimen would be the perfect solution. The Inkey List can customize a skincare regimen with products that will suit your needs. From your main skin goal down to your skin’s sensitivity, The Inkey List will provide products for cleansing, hydration, treatment, eye remedies, moisturization, and even SPF and masking–all hand-picked for you and only you.

Bonus round: hair

Our hair is an extension of who we are and how we present ourselves. It’s also the perfect frame for our face, so extra care for it is necessary. Ouai specializes in breathing life back to your tresses. They have the basics like shampoo and conditioner to tend to your locks on a daily basis, as well as styling and treatment products to give your strands an extra touch of love.

Refresh your skincare regimen with the goodness of these products, and get them all in one place. Glowio houses an impressive collection of skincare brands, including all the names mentioned above. For now, Glowio is only present on Instagram (@glowio.ph), Facebook, and on their website. But with people searching high and low for the brands they have, we’re sure we’ll see more of them online.

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