5 Signs You Have Curly Hair And You Didn’t Know It

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Have you ever thought that your “damaged” hair may actually be curly? Here are 5 tell-tale signs to find out if you have curly hair.

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The truth of the matter is there are more curly haired Filipinos than we think. After being colonized by two countries that have curly haired genetics, how could we not? Actually, even before that early Filipino settlers were most likely populated with curly haired natives. After all, having curly is a part of human evolution. Usually, people who live in countries that are closer to the equator develop kinky hair to protect their scalps from harsh UV rays. And, who could be closer to the equator than the Philippines? Okay, maybe Ecuador and Kenya, but you get the point. Even so, if you look back at photographs and paintings of our ancestors, you’ll see that most of them are donning wavy, curly, and braided hair.

It was only recently when pin straight hair became a standard of beauty. Thus, treatments such as rebonding and Brazilian Blowouts gained popularity in the beauty industry. Additionally, the idea of normalizing straight hair was supported by beauty brands everywhere. Now, Filipinos are left confused and bothered by their inability to tame the mane. If you’re facing the same problem, then maybe it’s because you need to rethink the way you see your hair. Maybe you have luscious curly hair that doesn’t need any taming. Here are the five tell-tale signs to find out.

#1: Your Hair Is In Between Straight And Wavy
Hair changes over time. You could be in the spectrum of straight and wavy hair that could eventually turn curly. “I think I was 12 or 13 years old. (I) had straight-wavy hair before that,” shares Richmond Velayo, CFO of Thought Lab Corporation. For some it may come as a surprise. Er Salazar, a makeup artist and spiritual life coach, also used to be in the straight-wavy spectrum till she wasn’t. “We (Er and her brother) don’t know why we used to have straight hair and what triggered our hair to turn curly,” says Er Salazar.

Photo from MEGA archives

#2: Your Parents Have Or Had Curly Hair
Naturally curly hair is definitely something that is found in your genetics. If your great grandmother had it, but it skipped all the generations before you, chances are you can still have it. “My mom and dad used to have curly hair when they were younger, so that was the biggest indicator. I suggest for those who want to see what kind of curl pattern or hair they have, check their parents’ yearbook photos,” advises Bianca Padilla, a 23 year-old writer.

#3: Your Hair Feels Dry For No Reason At All
One of the reasons why hair ends up being dry despite all your best efforts is because you’re using the wrong products for it. “My hair started getting wavy in the later years of grade school. I didn’t mind I guess. It did feel a little drier. It was a constant battle, since I felt I had stringy hair that would just bunch up,” says Velayo. Some people would spend years trying to tame the mane before accepting their curly hair. “I told myself it was so much effort to maintain a look—a look that looks like everyone else. So, I stoped my regular combing, blow drying, etc.,” adds Velayo.

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#4: You Had Straight Hair At First And It Started To Changed
“I had silky straight hair as a kid, until I was about two or three years old. And then suddenly luscious curls started growing out. It’s the same for my older brother,” says Salazar. Personally, I can attest to this one. I used to have wavy-curly hair as a child and it shifted to straight as I got older. On the other hand, my sister had straight hair that turned wavy-curly. It’s important to remember that hair texture changes over time and you have to adjust with it.

#5: The Growth From Your Hair Is A Different Texture
Has this happened to you? You got your hair rebonded/straightened, then it would have a weird “damaged” growth on the roots after a few months. If it has, then don’t fret. Your hair isn’t weird. Maybe, it’s just curly and you don’t know it yet. “I always sort of knew that my hair was different. My mom and I would constantly get it rebonded when I was younger, and when the rebond wore off it would go back to being super thick and unruly,” says Padilla.

Photo from MEGA archives

As fellow Filipina, Shay Mitchell, once said, “Embrace what you were born with because it is beautiful.” No matter what social media or our peers say, curly hair is beautiful. Your hair may not be where you want it to be at the moment, but once you start taking care of your kinks and curls it’ll be better than you expect. Padilla, Salazar, and Velayo have all experienced the ebbs and flows of curly hair, yet they all agree that embracing it was the best decision they’ve ever made.

Salazar puts everything into perspective when she shared her journey in loving her curls. “When I was growing up with curly hair, there were no products catering to curly hair. Everybody thought that curly hair was a problem that needed to be fixed. Since embracing my curly hair when I was 15, I’ve tried to look for ways to care for my curly crown. Curly hair is so beautiful and versatile. Invest in taking care of you hair and its health instead of spending time, money, and energy trying to modify or hide what you have been naturally given,” says Salazar. Whether your hair is curly, straight, or wavy, it deserves to be loved and taken cared of properly. So, if any of these signs resonate with you then start your hair care journey. There are many groups you can check out. One of them is Curly Girl Philippines, a online community that helps Filipinos figure out and embrace their curly crowns.